Part II – The Lich King Calls

“I am not happy.”

Salenicus looked at Orledin and shook his head, “You don’t get it, do you.”

“I get it perfectly well. You brought me here against my will.”

Salenicus turned his back to the other elf. The wait in the line for the runeforge was busy today, and of course Orledin hadn’t given him a minute of peace since their arrival at the Ebon Hold.

“And every time I point that out, someone starts ignoring me!”

Salenicus turned back around, “Look, we were asked to come here. Now we need to runeforge our weapons. We’re leaving for the Broken Isles soon, and all you can do is stand around and complain! We have work to do, Orledin. Do you see anyone else here whining?”

Orledin shut up, if only for a few seconds. Moments later he muttered, “I’d rather be baking cookies.”

“Cookies are not going to defeat the Legion!” Salenicus shouted. He was going to say more, but a large hand clasped his shoulder.

“Why don’t you let him go make his cookies?”

Salenicus brushed away the hand, and turned to look at the speaker. The tall kaldorei death knight in front of them in line looked down at him. He refused to be intimidated by the other elf’s height. “We were called here for a reason. We’re all going to the Broken Isles.”

The kaldorei shrugged, “I think the cookies sound like a better idea.”

Salenicus snorted, “Again, cookies won’t defeat the Legion.”

“No, but they make people happy. If people aren’t happy, then they don’t have much to fight for. My son loves cookies.”

Orledin raised a brow and spoke before Salenicus had a chance to, “Your son? Your family didn’t reject you?”

“My family… It’s complicated. My son is adopted, and adorable. He loves cookies, but he wouldn’t be able to eat your cookies because they’re probably poison.”

Orledin blinked, “Poison? I’d never poison anyone!”

“You’re a blood elf.”

Orledin twitched an ear, “I still wouldn’t poison anyone. I’m a professional baker, but I have a question. How did you adopt? I didn’t know there were places that would give a death knight a kid.”

Salenicus glared at Orledin.

“I’m just asking!”

The kaldorei looked down at him and answered, “I let my mate do most of the talking when we went to get him. I wear goggles to hide my eyes. A lot of people don’t look close enough to notice.”

Orledin blinked, “Your mate?”

“Yes. She’s a druid.”

“She’s alive?”

The kaldorei nodded.

“And she’s okay with you going to the Broken Isles because the Lich King said so?”

“I’m not going.”

Both Salenicus and Orledin looked at the kaldorei.

“I have to stay at home to protect the grove I live in.” The kaldorei turned and stepped forward as the human ahead of him finished with the runeforge.

Orledin glared at Salenicus, “We need to go back. The Ghostlands need us. The Rangers need us.”

“We’ll go back when our mission is done.”

“No. Now.”

“No, we already showed up for it. We will see it through.” Salenicus frowned and nodded towards the runeforge, “It’s your turn.”


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