Hethurin’s Notes

  • Yesterday, Tik went to Silvermoon to get some supplies during the day. I made his portal there, and went to make a portal back for him two hours later. After he put things away, he wanted to see me, so we went to talk in my office. That’s when he showed me the paper.
  • It was one of those news flyers, the kind they hand out while trying to get you to buy the actual paper. I guess there would have been more details in the paper, but the flyer said enough. The Legion has returned to Azeroth.
  • At first, I wanted to use chronomancy to kind of peek ahead to make sure everything would be okay, but even if I did that, there’s no telling that what I saw would be the right future. Different things could happen and the future would be different. Plus Renner would be mad. I’m not supposed to look at my own future.
  • I have looked before. Well, more than looked. The school was here then, but that was before I knew Renner, and before I knew better. Just because it was there in that future doesn’t mean it will be here in all futures. I’ve seen enough alternate timelines to know that.
  • Anyway, I’m afraid now, but I guess it’s kind of weird because I’m not afraid for myself. I’m afraid for my family, for the students, and for everyone else here in the Ghostlands. We don’t have guards, and blood knights, or anything really. We just have a small ranger unit and a few graduated mages here at the school. So then I started to think of how to protect everyone.
  • I decided then that I’d rather do some kind of work to keep myself from worrying too much. I changed into pants so that I could go help Ter with the gardening or something, and that would also give me the chance to show him the paper and talk to him about it. At the same time, I was looking for a way to stop thinking about it, but I wound up showing him the paper.
  • He didn’t have work for me to do, but we were able to start planning. I had a whole list of things to do today after talking to him last night! I think I felt a little better about things after we talked, but that might be because we talked about cake too.
  • This morning, the first thing I did was fill out the application for exemption to file with the Spire. Everyone at the school is necessary, and as it’s the only school serving the Ghostlands, and a magic academy for older students. The continued operation of the school is necessary.
  • The second thing I had to do was talk to Aeramin. That was easy because he’s usually here fairly early because I guess Imralion goes to Silvermoon that early, so I just had to wait for him to get here before asking to see him in my office. I showed him the paper, and I think he actually got excited, at least at first, but then it was like he thought about it and got serious after. He’s so weird sometimes.
  • Anyway, I needed to know how to make wards against demons, and I figured he might know some things about that. It turns out he’s very good with that. Unfortunately, as I expected, I had to accurately define a demon with magic and that meant I had to see one.
  • Fortunately, Aeramin has demons in his basement. I didn’t know that. He was hesitant at first, but then he finally suggested showing them to me. So we went to his place. He has two imps that he just lets stay there all the time. He said the basement is warded, not to keep demons out but to keep demons in, but it would work both ways. I spent some time studying the ward before we went downstairs. He wanted me to stay on the stairs because the ward starts there. So I did. I sat down on the steps and watched as he called out two imps from their hiding places. He called one Zorkin and the other Yappy. He said Zorkin was as harmless as a house cat, which I have a hard time believing. Yappy can cast fire spells. He also said that Yappy was his first.
  • Then he uncovered a summoning circle that he keeps hidden under a rug. He spent about ten minutes checking it, and he kept saying that if I wanted to ward against stronger demons I couldn’t be using Yappy and Zorkin as the basis for the spell. I didn’t like the sound of that. I liked it less when he started summoning something.
  • It was a felguard. He claimed it was the same one that injured him, and said he was in control of it now. I didn’t like it, but he was right. I could tell this one was a lot stronger than the imps, and I made a mental note of my impressions of it. Luckily, he sent it away as soon as I told him I had seen it enough.
  • I got to practice on one of the imps. He took the small sickly looking one out of his basement and to his sitting room where I made a small ward around it. He asked it to test the boundaries of the ward and everything worked.
  • I told him the rest of my plans for the day, and he wanted to know if I wanted help. I decided that would be good because I was expecting to be exhausted mentally and magically by the end of the day. The wards I had planned for my sister’s clinic and the ranger buildings would have been the type I have to go renew every week or so, but they take a lot out of the caster to set up. Then the one around the school would have been a constant drain on me, but it would be the strongest one because it would constantly be fed the magic it needs to stay in place.
  • Anyway, after telling him what I planned to do, he offered to take care of the ranger buildings. We both went back to the school, and I added the demon ward spell to the rest of the ward there, then we went to the ranger building.
  • I guess Aeramin wanted to talk to his father because he wandered off with him while I went to see Sath’alor. I showed him the paper, and told him all the buildings could be warded by the end of the day. I also suggested that he request exemption with the Spire as the rangers are necessary for the safety of the citizens in the Ghostlands.
  • He seemed alarmed, but ready to start planning for any problems. He appreciated the wards, and wanted to make sure his house would get one too. I assured him that his house and the cabins would all be warded.
  • I left Aeramin to do that while I went to see my sister in town. I let her and the confessor know, and set up her wards while I was there. I assured them that the wards were strong, but they would be welcome to stay at the school if they wanted to. I also let them know that the ward covered their yard too so they can take Talinda outside. I also told them to be careful about letting Vaildor go anywhere on his own. Travel by portal is better than travel by foot anyway!
  • Isandri and Esladra were there, and expressed their need for wards as well, so I took care of that too.
  • When I got back home, I was so tired, but Ter and I spoke to the girls. Narise doesn’t really understand, which is good. Hopefully, she won’t ever have to, but Malwen was a bit scared. I gave her an enchanted bell that she can ring at night and we’ll be able to hear in our room. If she needs us for anything, all she needs to do is ring the bell and we’ll be right there. We also let her know that if she’s really scared, she can come sleep in our room. She seems to want to stay in her own room for now. We reassured her that the school is the safest place to be, but she must always be with someone when she goes outside.
  • I’m hoping it’ll all be enough. Ter and I did come up with a plan that if things get really bad, I will open a portal to another time and we’ll just leave. I don’t want to have to give everything up, but I will if it means Malwen and Narise will be safe.

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