Felarius’s Notes

  • I got in trouble. I guess not really bad trouble, but it was enough trouble to get dragged to the Headmaster’s office.
  • It was because I was spying. It wasn’t something I meant to do! I like to help sometimes in the kitchen, but I had to leave for a class, and Tik asked me to take a couple of things back down to the cold storage in the basement. So I picked up my books and the bags he gave me and took them down. I noticed someone in the sitting room on my way down, but I didn’t really stop to look.
  • On my way back up, I heard people talking. Two people. One of them was Magister Firewind. I didn’t want to be weird and walk through the room while they were holding what seemed to be a kind of private conversation. I mean, they weren’t talking very loud, but they were close enough to the basement door that I could hear them. I peered out to see who he was talking to and was kind of started to see one of male workers from the Row.
  • I should mention I don’t really know those guys, but well, you see them out on the street a lot. I’d probably recognize most of them that do it with any regularity. My sister might know them because she’s out there with them a lot, but I don’t.
  • Anyway, I don’t know his name. I still don’t, but he was there and talking to Magister Firewind.
  • So the first thing I thought was that Magister Firewind hired him! But then I remembered that Magister Firewind is also from the Row, so it’s possible they just know each other. That’s when I started listening more to what they saying. I was careful and tip-toed to the top of the basement stairs and stood just inside the doorway to listen.
  • So the guy from the Row was saying something about love, and what it means, and he was rambling on about a cabin too. Magister Firewind kept asking if he cared for him. I don’t know who ‘him’ is. Some other guy. Then he was asking if he wanted to spend time with him, and said it could be love.
  • Then the guy said he felt the same way about his friends but he wasn’t going to marry them or anything, and then Magister Firewind said that maybe it wasn’t love and he should talk to the other guy about it.
  • Then the guy said that he couldn’t do that because if the other guy got hurt then maybe he wouldn’t want to be with him anymore. That’s when Magister Firewind said again that it could be love, and he started to say something else but the guy interrupted him and said, and I quote, “What if it’s not love and it’s just sex!”
  • I dropped my book.
  • They stopped talking, and seconds later Magister Firewind found me. He was mad. He wanted to know why I was spying. I tried to tell him that I wasn’t trying to spy, but he didn’t believe me. I think he was going to say more to me then, but then more people came to the sitting room. It was Loralinde and Kestrae. I don’t know Kestrae really, and I don’t know why she’s at the school so much. I don’t think she works here or anything.
  • Anyway, Magister Firewind stopped talking to me long enough to talk to them. I guess he was supposed to go with them to the city, but then he asked the guy he had been talking to to go instead, and made a portal for them. Then he made me go to Magister Fairsong’s office.
  • I was hoping he wasn’t there, but he was. I had to sit and wait while they went in the room next to his office to talk. I think Magister Firewind was still angry with me because I could hear him sometimes through the door. Luckily, he left and let Magister Fairsong deal with me, which was good because I still had a lesson to get to for frost theory, and he could at least write a note for Magister Raleth to explain why I was late.
  • He was a lot nicer about the ‘spying’ thing too. He asked me if I meant to, and I told him no because I really didn’t. I was just taking stuff down for Tik. Then he told me that Magister Firewind isn’t too happy (I kind of noticed!), and that I should be careful not to accidentally spy on him again. I nodded and then he wrote the note for Magister Raleth to excuse my lateness to class.
  • I’m really glad Magister Fairsong is nice, and didn’t make me leave the school.

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