The Ballroom Theater

(( I’m behind again and this is for last week’s prompt, a story set in a theater. I had an idea for a school play, which is kinda like a theater, even it it was just a temporary theater set up in the ballroom at Fairsong Academy. ))

Malwen Fairsong peeked out from behind the curtain that had been placed next to the stage that was set up in the ballroom. They had started to come in and take their seats. There were students, other teachers, and parents. She didn’t see Arcann’da yet, but she did see Ann’da. He was helping to organize the seating, and counting the chairs. She watched as he left the room and brought back two more chairs, placing them with the others.


She recognized Vaildor’s voice behind her. She turned to face him as he spoke again.

“Don’t let everyone see your costume and makeup before the show.” He pulled the curtain closed.

“I was just checking the audience.”

“Oh, Miss Lali is about to introduce us. We have to be ready.”

Just as he said that, she saw Miss Lali, her teacher, step up onto the stage. She joined the other children who watched from the side, still behind the curtain as her teacher began speaking.

“Thank you all for coming. The students have all worked very hard this year, and this play is part of their combined history and performing art project. This year our focus has been on world history, and the history of the different races of Azeroth. The students have chosen the War of the Ancients as the subject for today’s theater play, and they hope you all enjoy it.” Lali flashed a smile before walking off the stage towards the students. Tik, who stood on the other side of the stage pulled on a rope to close the stage curtains.

“Okay, let’s get the props up.” Vaildor said. He had spent weeks helping make the props. Fake wooden trees were moved into the background and up front another piece was painted to look like water. Malwen thought he had used too much glitter on it, but she moved into place.

She was left standing on the stage alone as the others moved off to the side. A nod from Miss Lali indicated that the curtain was about to open again. Malwen took a deep breath and watched as the audience came into view. She smiled when she saw her Arcann’da standing near the door holding her sister, Narise, but quickly remembered her role. Highborne queens didn’t smile did they? Not evil ones anyway. She took another deep breath while waiting for Tik to finish opening the curtain all the way.

Another nod from Miss Lali indicated it was time to start.

She held her hands out over the glittery painted water and waved them around. “I am Queen Azshara, and I have great power in the Well of Eternity.”

Miss Lali’s voice came from off-stage, deepened as she tried to sound like a big bad demon, “Oh, but if you open a portal and let me through, I will make your world a paradise and perfect for you.”

“Who are you? Are you in the well?” Malwen called out while looking at the painted water.

“Yes, my name is Sargeras. Help me, and I will help you become the queen of paradise!” Lali responded using the same voice. Malwen thought she sounded silly, but did her best to refrain from laughing.

“Lady Vashj! Come here!” Malwen called out.

Irael, one of the new students at her father’s magic academy who also had general education classes, walked onto the stage. “My Queen, how can I serve you?”

“We need to open a portal in the well. My friend, Sargeras, is stuck in there, and if we help him, he will help us. Get our best people on it now!”

Irael nodded.

Miss Lali narrated from off-stage. “And so they started opening a portal with the Well of Eternity to allow Sargeras into the world. Sargeras convinced the Queen to allow his forces through first, telling her that they would be needed to assist him and make her very powerful.”

At that moment, Naraleth ran onto the stage, his little costume giving away that he was part of the act. A tail was pinned to the back of his pants and he wore tiny little horns. Felarius followed him, another of the magic students who was also in general classes. His horns were bigger.

“I am Mannaroth, and this is an imp. We are here to assist you!” Felarius said.

“Oh good. Just stand over there until I need you.” Malwen said, pointing towards the back of the stage.

Miss Lali narrated again from off-stage. “More forces came through, and word of what was happening spread to the elves outside the Highborne circles. They decided something had to be done to stop it.”

Malwen, Irael, and Felarius held still while Naraleth fidgeted. On the other side of the stage, three other elves walked up in front of the fake painted trees. The magical lighting focused on the new trio while dimming over the others.

“Malfurion, what will we do?” Terellion’s youngest sister said.

“I don’t know, Tyrande. We should ask Malorne to help, and maybe the dragons too. We need to destroy the well before anymore demons can come through.” Kiandris replied. He wore tiny antlers on his head.

“Don’t be hasty, brother. I, Illidan, will go to the palace and ask the queen to stop. We must save the well.” Vaildor said.

“She won’t listen to you. The well is what caused all of this mess in the first place.” Kiandris replied.

“I bet she just doesn’t know what’s going on out here. I can tell her!” Vaildor said.

“Boys! Stop fighting! Illidan, you shouldn’t go, but I love your brother!” Terellion’s youngest sister said.

Miss Lali once again narrated from offstage. “Illidan went to the palace, upset that Tyrande wasn’t in love with him. He was able to speak with the queen.”

The lighting shifted again, following Vaildor as he crossed the stage.

“My Queen, the resistance is planning an attack on the well. We must save the well.”

Malwen looked at him, “I can take care of them.” She looked at Felarius and Naraleth. “Mannaroth and imp, go stop those elves from getting near the well!”

Felarius took Naraleth’s hand and helped him across the stage. The light followed them as Miss Lali narrated, “The demons attacked the kaldorei fighters, but they hadn’t expected that the resistance would have found help so soon. The dragons came to help. Malorne and Agamaggan also assisted.”

Terellion’s other sister walked on the stage wearing a dragon costume, “I am Alexstrasza, the dragon queen, and I am here to help. The other flights have come too, but our brother, Deathwing, betrays us.”

Miss Lali narrated again, “Even with the loss of many dragons, the kaldorei resistance was able to fight up to the palace.”

Felarius and Naraleth moved backward while Kiandris and Terellion’s sisters walked closer to the well prop.

“Oh no, they are here!” Vaildor said, moving closer to the well.

“Relax. Sargeras is coming now. He’ll take care of it.” Malwen said.

Vaildor took a vial out of his pocket and held it towards the painted water. At the same time, Kiandris waved his hands towards Felarius and Naraleth.

Felarius fell to the floor. He whispered, rather loudly, “Naraleth, play dead. They killed us!”

Naraleth laughed and fell across Felarius.

Kiandris ignored the giggling, “It is too late! We have succeeded in defeating your demons, and now we will destroy the well!”

Malwen stood and faced him, “No, it is you who is too late. Sargeras is coming through the portal now!”

“We need to disrupt the spell!” Terellion’s youngest sister cried out.

Miss Lali once again narrated from offstage. “When they disrupted the spell being cast to allow Sargeras to pass through, the well imploded on itself. They had little time to escape, and many of the highborne, including Queen Azshara and Lady Vashj were turned into naga as the area flooded. The land was broken but safe for the time being.”

Vaildor held up his vial and winked as the curtain closed.




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  1. Omg this is the best you should draw it hehe.

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