Lanthiriel’s Patient Notes

Name: Aeramin Firewind

Age: 120 years

Occupation: Fire Magic Instructor at Fairsong Academy

Reason for Visit: Consumption of numerous elixirs with the intent to harm himself


Day 1 – Patient arrived in the morning, carried in by Imralion Sunsorrow. Patient was unconscious, but his heart rate and breathing were stable. Imralion brought in the empty bottles as well. He was not sure how much had been left in each one, so I worked as if each elixir had been full at consumption. The most worrying of these was a sleep aid. It had amounts of an herb that can cause death if consumed in a large quantity. Luckily, the patient had not kept most of it down. According to Imralion, the patient had purged most of the contents of his stomach onto the bathroom floor. I gave him some shots to counteract the herbs, and kept him under observation. Our apprentice, who is also studying magic at my brother’s school, was here for the day. She washed his hair and his face, and helped me change him. I asked Vaildor to wash the robe that evening, but he forgot. Nessna, who had stopped by in the afternoon after her patrol, promised to inform Arancon, the patient’s father, of what happened. Patient remained asleep, but stable, throughout the day. I gave him another shot in the evening to help keep him asleep. The Confessor and I took turns checking on him that night. Imralion was also with him, asleep on the chair in the room.


Day 2 – Imralion left in the morning to go to the city for his work. Hethurin stopped by at noon to see him. Arancon, the patient’s father, showed up shortly after, and stayed most of the afternoon until the patient woke. His father informed us that he woke and claimed he was agitated. I checked immediately, and the patient did not seem very agitated to me. Patient was given bread and milk for lunch to keep his stomach from becoming upset, and I started his treatment. He dislikes the taste of the medicine. Perhaps I can try mixing something into it, or mixing it with fruit and yogurt. The medicine will take a few days to start working, and I’ll recommend that he takes it for at least six months, even if he is feeling better. Even then, he should take it until the Confessor says he doesn’t need it anymore. Anyway, I informed him that he must stay here under observation until the medicine is working and then he needs to see Confessor Morthorn. I don’t think he was happy about it, but thankfully, he doesn’t whine like some other mage I know.

Vaildor made soup and bread and brought it to the patient for supper. Patient does not have much appetite. I gave him his second dose of medicine.

Imralion returned that evening, and wound up staying in the room again that night.

Tomorrow, I am going to send Esladra to the city to buy some yogurt, and maybe I’ll ask her to get a cot too. There is another bed in the room, but it’s way over on the other side. With a cot, Imralion will be able to sleep next to him.

Vaildor ‘forgot’ to wash the robe again.


Day 3 – Patient continues to improve. He smiles and jokes, but I don’t think the medicine is working that fast. Rather I think that like many people, he’s good at hiding it. He took his morning dose without complaint, so maybe the yogurt won’t be necessary. After he finished eating, he asked where the shower was. There isn’t actually one in the clinic, so I showed him to the one in the house. It made me think that we should perhaps get one installed. It was different in the city. There was one large clinic that people could go to, and a bunch of small ones like my father’s. My father’s clinic was for overnight, but not multiple nights, so we never had to worry about having a shower for the patients there. I see that here it will be different.

Hethurin visited again at noon, and stayed a bit longer than he did yesterday as the patient was awake. I was informed that they spoke mostly about work. Hethurin has asked Maerista to teach the fire magic classes at the school until the patient has returned to work. I guess there was some question of where the lesson plans were, but according to Hethurin everything is taken care of, and the patient won’t have to worry about that while here.

Patient’s father also returned today, and the patient became agitated once more. This time I heard him yelling at his father to get out. Luckily, Arancon had already complied when I got to the room, so I didn’t have to put myself in the middle of that. Esladra had just returned from the city, and went to check on Aeramin while I stayed out in the hallway to talk to his father. I told Arancon that he was free to come ask us how his son is doing, but it might be a good idea to let him relax and stay out of the room for now. He agreed with that. I also told him the Confessor could see him as well if he wanted to talk. Arancon said he might stop by later this week to talk to the Confessor, but he didn’t feel like it today.

Esladra’s trip to the city was productive. She found yogurt, which I don’t think we’ll need after all, but I’m sure Vaildor will eat it if we don’t. She also found a cot. It needs assembly, but we should be able to get it together during the day tomorrow so that Imralion can use it at night.

Imralion brought food from the school at supper time. The patient seems to have more appetite now, which is a good sign.


Day 4 – I’m pretty sure the medicine is working. The patient has not complained of any side-effects, and his disposition seems pleasant as long as his father is not in the room. He did not eat much breakfast, but he showered again, and had a good lunch. Hethurin brought him some food from the school. I am noticing a pattern in that he seems to greatly prefer the school’s food. I hope Vaildor doesn’t notice, though I suppose if I told him he didn’t have to make supper for the patient, he’d be fine with that without questioning whether his cooking skills were the reason. I don’t think many can compete with Tik anyway. I’ll wait to see if Imralion brings something from the school for supper again before asking Vaildor to make something.

The patient’s robe is finally hanging out to dry. I had to wash it myself. Of course, it started raining about five minutes after I came back in, and now it’s frozen.

Isandri, the Confessor and I worked on building the cot, and we think it’s solid enough for Imralion to sleep on. We put it in the room, and I brought out a blanket and a couple of pillows for him.

I’d like to wait another day or two before taking the patient to the Confessor’s office, but I think he is doing well enough to go home soon. I will have to speak with Imralion as well and make sure he knows to watch for warning signs. It’s much easier to treat such things without a mix of elixirs to worry about as well.


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