Hethurin’s Lunch Hour

Hethurin sat Narise on his lap, as Esladra sat across from him. “It’s early for her next check up.”

“She’s sick.”

Esladra looked at the baby who’s eyes smiled as she chewed on a cloth doll that she gripped in her hands. She reached out and touched the baby’s forehead. “She looks healthy and she isn’t warm. What are her symptoms?”

“She napped.”

Esladra raised a brow, “That’s not exactly a symptom of being sick.”

“It could be! It means she’s tired.”

“Babies normally take naps, Hethurin.”

“But she napped an extra time.”

“Sometimes they get a little extra tired during a growth spurt too, or maybe she just didn’t sleep well during one of her other naps. I think she’s fine. You can bring her back if she has any real symptoms, and you can see Isandri on your way out to set up an appointment for her next check up.”

“I didn’t know you were busy enough to need appointments.” Hethurin said. He started buttoning Narise’s jacket.

Esladra looked at him, her gaze bordering on a glare. “It’ll just be nicer to know when you’re going to show up.”

“I won’t be able to do that if she’s really sick.”

“She’s fine.”

“I’ll be back if she isn’t.” Hethurin stood, holding the little girl. “Oh, by the way, I wanted to ask if you’d come watch a party.”

“Watch a party?”

Hethurin nodded.

“I don’t even know what you mean by that. Is it some kind of magic thing that I can’t participate in?”

“Oh, no. It’s just the boys. They want to invite the girls to their new building, but right now, only Asharen is there. I already informed him that he’ll need to be there and be watchful, but I was hoping you’d say you could go too. It’s on that goblin holiday.”

“Goblin holiday?”

“The one with the hearts. I kind of already have plans with Terellion. Tik is going to cook a special meal for us, and I would have asked Tik to go watch the party after doing that, but he already asked for the time after that off. I think he’s going to see someone, and everyone else I can think of probably has plans too.”

“Oh, so you think I have nothing better to do on the heart holiday? Well, maybe I do.”

“I’ll pay you.”

“Hethurin, I don’t care about your money.”

He twitched an ear, “Fine, I have other people to ask.”

“You just said everyone else has plans.”

“I don’t know that for sure!”

“You’re impossible.” Esladra frowned as he left the examining room. She called after him, “Don’t forget to make the next appointment!”

Hethurin didn’t stop to make the next appointment. Instead, he decided to cast a teleport spell in the middle of the hallway, taking him and Narise to the front of a small building in a clearing off one of the more overgrown paths in the Ghostlands. He knocked, but there was no answer. He knocked again, but again there was no answer. He had been fairly sure that Aeramin went home during lunch hours during the week. He didn’t recall seeing him at the school before he left to take Narise to see Esladra. He was still mad that she didn’t believe he was sick. He was about to knock a third time when he remembered that Aeramin had said something about going to see Lyorri during lunch, about a week ago. He teleported again.

This time he wound up in front of another house. He could hear the waves on the beach nearby and saw the school up the cliff. There were a few other buildings in this larger clearing, some of them had been fixed up. The two largest were identical and housed some of the students. Another smaller building housed Terellion’s mother and sisters. Two more had been marked as priorities to be fixed up soon. One would be Desdeyliri’s and the other would be Keyalenn’s. Hethurin double checked that he was in front of the right house, and knocked.

The door swung open and Kestrae invited him in.

“I was just wondering if Aeramin was here.” He glanced past Kestrae and knew the answer was yes. Aeramin sat on the floor with Lyorri, making faces at her and making her laugh. He stopped once he looked up at the door. He rose, picking up Lyorri as he did.

“Hethurin, hi.”

“Hi, can we take a quick walk? I wanted to ask you something.”

“Yeah, I guess. It’s about time to get back to the school anyway, isn’t it? We could walk up.”

Hethurin looked at him. He had said walk, not climb a hill. His father had just gave him the okay to remove the leg brace this past weekend. He hoped that meant that walking up steep paths was okay. He silently flicked an ear as Aeramin passed Lyorri to Kestrae and grabbed his cloak. He waited as Aeramin laced up his boots that he had left by the door. What kind of monster was he to suggest walking!

Aeramin gave a kiss to Lyorri before leaving and promised Kestrae that he would be by later that evening with Imralion before they finally set off on the path. “So, what is it?”

“Are you going to be busy on the goblin holiday thing?” Hethurin asked, watching where he put his feet. There was too much mud in the woods.

“Oh, the love holiday?”

“Yes, that one.”

“I don’t know.” Aeramin shrugged. “I’ll get him something, but I’m guessing Im will probably want to spend the time with Kavia. I was thinking about asking Ordinicus and Kestrae if they wanted me to watch Lyorri for the night. I could stay at their place. That would give Kes and Ordinicus some time together too.”

“Oh, so you kind of do have plans then.”

“Nothing solid though, why?”

“Some of the boys asked if they could have a party in the new building and invite girls. Asharen will be there, but I want someone else there to supervise too. I was going to ask Traela, but then the girl’s building wouldn’t be watched at all, and I don’t want that. So I was going to ask if you were free.”

Aeramin shrugged, “I guess I could if I could bring Lyorri with me. It wouldn’t be far to walk back to Kes’s place afterwards either.”

“I think that should be fine as long as you bring everything she needs. There aren’t any baby things in the student buildings.”

Aeramin nodded, “Was that all?”

“Yes, just that.” Hethurin answered as he opened the gate in front of the school. Narise started babbling as he began walking across the stones to the door, passing by the large dragon fountain in front.

“I’ll do it.”

Hethurin smiled, “Thanks. I’ll let Asharen to know to expect you there.”


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