Dragonhawk Identification

Lilithel had finished bandaging the wound on the dragonhawk’s wing, and she and Tik were discussing how to get it out of the school and down to the stable without anyone noticing and asking about it. Tik felt going through the kitchen then around the side of the house would be best, but Lilithel thought the front door was just as close as the kitchen, and had the same risk of being seen.

“Maybe we could do it after I do my rounds for light’s out.” Tik suggested.

Their discussion was interrupted by a knock on the door. Tik moved to answer it, while Lilithel remained seated next to the dragonhawk on the floor.

“Theronil, come in. Thank you for coming in on the weekend. As you can see, we needed someone who knows a lot about dragonhawks.” Tik gestured towards the dragonhawk in the corner. “We were hoping you might know where it’s from.”

“He. It’s a male.” He said, approaching the dragonhawk to inspect it more closely. “What happened to him?” he asked, indicating the bandage.

“We’re not sure.”

Theronil raised a brow, but went back to inspecting the dragonhawk. “There’s only a couple of breeders in Eversong that I know of who have this…” His voice trailed off as he held out the good wing. He stopped to look more closely at the dragonhawk’s face. “Is Xyliah still staying somewhere on the estate?”

“I believe so. I don’t think they’ve left yet.”

“You may want to find her. Quickly.”


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