Saving Thalien

Hethurin Fairsong double-checked that he had locked his practice room door. He only had a short time. Narise had taken longer to go down for her nap than usual, and break for lunch was almost over. He was due back in the classroom soon. Luckily, time magic would allow him to return to just a few seconds after he left, so he wasn’t worried about getting back on time. Rather, he was worried about leaving before any interruptions.

He walked to the table in the middle of the room. His hourglass sat on the middle of the table. Xyliah and Berwick would be leaving the Ghostlands soon, so he had to do this now.

He had spent some of his spare time in the past weeks preparing for today. He had viewed and followed the dragonhawk’s flight from Dalaran and back. He had watched as Berwick sent Xyliah first. Thalien had carried her to safety, and she sent him back for Berwick. He had almost made it too, though Berwick had been captured moments before. Hethurin had watched that too, wishing he could do something, but knowing that sort of change would mess up the timeline. Saving the dragonhawk wouldn’t have the impact that rescuing Berwick ahead of time would. Xyliah had been one of the key people to help plan the mission to save some of the elves held in the city. Removing her involvement would remove a great number of the rangers who came to assist with the operation.

Thalien had died on his way back for Berwick. He had successfully dodged two frost bolts, only to be hit in the wing by a third when he was almost to the place where Berwick had been when he left carrying Xyliah. Hethurin had viewed the dragonhawk as he went spiraling out of control, hitting the outer wall of the city forcefully as he tried to regain control of his injured wing. After hitting the wall, he went limp and dropped into the crystal forest below the city.

Hethurin had slowed his viewing at that point, studying the limp dragonhawk in the moments before it hit the ground. He had hoped to find some sign that it was still alive, but no matter how slowly he viewed Thalien’s descent, he could not discern if he was still breathing or not. That meant he was going to have to grab him out of his time before he hit the wall if there was going to be any hope of saving him for Xyliah.

That meant going to Dalaran during the purge.

He took a deep breath. He knew it was imperative that no one saw him during this mission. He would be able to get there and hide himself under one of his invisibility wards, but to cast the spell to save Thalien and teleport him to the future, he was going to have to let it drop. It would be only for a short time, but it still made him nervous. He did not want to be captured in the past.

He was also worried about teleporting an injured and panicked dragonhawk into his practice room. He had put most breakables away, though his glass rat cage was still in one corner. He hoped Thalien had enough sense to take a rest once he realized he was inside, and in a different place.

He cast his invisibility spell then turned over the hourglass while casting his spell to go to the time of the purge of Dalaran.

He arrived just outside the wall on the thin strip of grass between the city, and the drop to the forest below. He was moments ahead of Thalien’s arrival. He heard shouting and screaming from inside the city. He crouched near the wall, and focused on keeping his invisibility active while watching the sky where Thalien would approach. The human mage who would eventually shoot Thalien with a frost bolt was already at it, shooting at other dragonhawks to remove methods of escape from the city.

A few seconds later, he saw the dragonhawk approach. He watched as he dodged the first frost bolt. The human mage cast again, and Thalien dodged the second one. Hethurin waited. He had to let the human expend the same amount of magic on his spells as he was supposed to. He was determined not to change anything except the dragonhawk’s death. He held his breath as the human mage cast again. He readied his own spell to catch the dragonhawk, and send him forward through time to the Ghostlands. The frost bolt fired from the human mage’s hands, and hit Thalien’s left wing. The dragonhawk began tumbling towards the wall. Hethurin broke his invisibility, and cast his spell, teleporting the dragonhawk forward to his practice room just seconds before it hit the wall.

He took a deep breath and began to cast his spell to return himself. He was almost through it when it stopped. He opened his mouth to cast it again, but nothing came out.

“You! Halt! You’re under arrest!”

Hethurin looked up. Another human mage stood on the wall looking down at him.

“Don’t move. Someone’s coming to take you into custody.”

His heart was racing. He heard the mage talking to someone else.

“Hurry before the silencing wears off.”

Hethurin glanced back up. He was bad at judging the age of humans, but this one looked fairly young. An apprentice then. He looked back down to see an armored human running towards him with arcane shackles.

He couldn’t imagine anything worse than being taken prisoner. He glanced back up at the apprentice mage, and glared at him until the armored human was only a few feet away, the whole time trying to cast his spell. The silencing held, and the apprentice smiled smugly.

Hethurin shook his head and mouthed the words, “Not today”, in common, hoping the human could read lips. He threw himself off the side of the ledge, and began plummeting to towards the crystal forest below.


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