The Ruins

“Where are we going?”

Orledin Bloodlance looked at the elf who had just started to follow him away from the ranger’s building. “I know a place. It’ll be safe, and we’ll be alone.”

Julan continued following, “Yes, but where?” His speech was ever so slightly slurred. Orledin had no doubt he had spiked his last glass of cider, the one he had chugged while Orledin was quickly tidying up the kitchen and putting things away, just as he had done with his previous glasses.

(( Putting the rest below the more tag as it’s NSFW ))

“It’s a place near the hills. It’s not far, but our patrols never go there.”

“Then how is it safe? The rangers keep things safe.” Julan questioned.

“Because I go there.” Orledin stated, perhaps a little too flatly. Julan fell silent behind him, but still followed. Orledin was quite sure of that. Although he wasn’t speaking, Julan seemed to step on every twig, stumbled through leaves and tripped over every tree root that was slightly raised out of the ground. Orledin tried to think of something else to say. He hadn’t meant to stop the conversation. He already knew Julan was usually a bit afraid of him, and a bit grossed out by the idea of them being together. Of course, common sense told him that he should change his mind and march back to the ranger building with Julan, maybe even inform the captain that Julan had been drinking, but he didn’t. He thought maybe if Julan saw it was okay being with him, he’d forget all of his old ideas and want to be his boyfriend. It was a long shot, but if there was a chance at all, he had to take it. He’d been alone too long.

“Julan, we don’t really know each other very well.” he said while still leading the way.

“Umm, yeah. That’s okay.”

“I mean, maybe we could talk now, on the way there.”


Orledin waited a few seconds to see if he was going to offer the first question. He didn’t.

“Okay, well, what do you like to do?”

“Sex. I’m good at it.”

“Right. I mean, I know that because you keep telling every guy you meet. What else do you like to do?”

Julan didn’t answer right away. Orledin was beginning to think he said something wrong again, when the voice behind him answered in a not quite sure way, “I like reading about birds.”


“Yeah. The captain and Lin think it would be best if I got an animal to train, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to get a bird, so I’ve been reading about them a lot. The more I read, the more sure I am.”

“Do you know what kind you’ll get?”

“Not yet. I’m thinking about a hawk or an owl or something.”

Orledin paused to hold a branch out of the way for Julan to pass.

Julan walked into the clearing past Orledin. He looked around at the crumbling stone walls and remnants of crude wood huts, “Trolls? They aren’t here now, are they?”

“No, it’s safe. Come with me.”

Orledin led him past the huts that were in the worst shape, along a path he had cut himself through the tall grass and short trees that would someday reclaim the area to the forest. Closer to the stream, where the ground was rockier, the regrowth had been slower to take. There were three huts there in better condition.

“How did you know about this place?” Julan asked.

Orledin shrugged, “I happened upon it one day. I’ve been working out here when I’m not busy at the building or on patrol. Come see.” He went into one of the huts, hoping Julan would follow.

A moment later, Julan peeked inside. “You’re not baking things here.” He took a few steps inside.

“No,” Orledin answered as he walked over to a table with something on it under a sheet, “I’ve been working on putting these together.” He gently lifted the sheet.

Julan stepped back, but remained just inside the hut. “Those are bones.”

“I’m missing a few of the ribs for this one. It’s one of the cats from the area. I have a complete raptor in one of the other two buildings along the stream here.”

“You’re building skeletons?”

Orledin looked at Julan, noticing the disgust shown on his face, “What’s wrong, Julan? I thought you liked bones?”

The disgust faded into a slight grin, “Well, when you put it that way…”

“There’s a decent bed in one of the other huts. It’s made of sticks and feathers and what not, but it’s comfortable enough. I sit on it to read sometimes.”

“It’s not the one with the raptor skeleton, is it?”

“No. Follow me.”

Orledin led Julan to the hut he had been using as a quiet place to read. Julan immediately started removing his clothes.

Orledin watched, raising a brow, “Don’t you want to kiss or something first?”

Julan looked at him like he was speaking taurahe. “No, that’s okay.” He removed his pants and sat on the bed.

Orledin removed his shirt and knelt in front of where Julan, who was completely naked and very aroused, sat.

“Are you going to take your pants off?”

“There’s no point. I’m a death knight. I have no blood flow. I’m going to pleasure you.”

Julan seemed to tense slightly at being reminded that he was with a death knight. Orledin reached, and dragged his finger along the bottom edge of Julan’s ear. “Relax.”

Julan took a breath and nodded. He leaned back a little, resting his shoulders against the wall.

“I need to warm my hands on you before I move them to more sensitive areas.” Orledin lightly touched Julan’s outer thighs, barely hearing Julan’s sharp gasp in reaction to the cold as he felt the warmth against his own skin. He rubbed up and down Julan’s thighs, making sure his hands were sufficiently warm before moving onto Julan’s most sensitive exposed areas. He took delight in hearing Julan’s breath quicken and feeling his pulse beat faster. He watched as his body reacted to every touch. Julan started to moan and matched his movements. Orledin continued until Julan tensed up, and threw his head back as he came.

Orledin felt Julan’s body go limp with exhaustion, and he drew back away from him. Julan said nothing as he laid down on the small bed cot. Orledin frowned, looking around for a blanket, but there was none. He thought momentarily of the sheets covering his skeletons, but took his cloak off instead. He covered Julan with it.

“Julan?” he asked, trying to discern if the other elf was still awake or not.

“Hmm?” Julan’s eyes didn’t open. Orledin decided partially awake was good enough.

“I have to go back for patrol. If you want, you can go back now. If not, I can come back here after patrol is over.”

“Mmm’kay, I’m tired. I’ll sleep.” Julan answered with his eyes still closed.

Orledin put his shirt on and hurried out the door. He didn’t want to be late for patrol.


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