The Raptor

Orledin Bloodlance hurried back to his work space near the river. The three old troll huts had almost fallen into a state of disrepair when he found them and started fixing them up in his free time. Though he usually didn’t head straight here after patrol, this morning he had two reasons he had to. The first reason was probably still asleep in one of the huts. The second reason was in his satchel.

Patrol had went well. It was quiet, as it was most nights. Sorrowmoss didn’t say anything about his disappearance at the party the evening before, which was good. Maybe no one noticed. While they made their way along the route, Orledin was always on the lookout for bones to add to his collection, and tonight he had found some. He was unsure what animal they were from, but he put them in the satchel he always carried with him and continued on with the patrol.

Upon returning to the huts after patrol, he decided to inspect the bones more closely first. It was still very early morning and the sun had not yet risen. Julan would still be sleeping. He went into the largest hut, the one with the raptor skeleton that he had put together. Though some of the bones were from different raptors, the majority had been from one. The others had been a similar size, and so the skeleton was complete. This morning, Orledin left it covered and sat at a work bench he had set up next to it. He lit a couple of candles for light, and then took the bones out of his satchel. He set them carefully on the desk where he could inspect them closer. He could tell that two of them were from a spine, and another piece looked to be from a foot or hand of something. Sometimes he could tell just by looking, but for those that he couldn’t identify, he had another trick he could use. As a death knight, he had the ability to raise a ghoul, or two, or a whole ghoul army if he wanted, out of any assortment of bones. He didn’t want to, but part of the process of raising a ghoul was identifying the bones and placing them in ways that made sense for the ghoul’s movement. He had found through practice that he could easily identify bones using just that part of his necromantic powers as a death knight. He cupped one of the vertebra in his hands and concentrated. An image of the full skeleton came to his mind. It was a bat, one of the big ones, but still on the small side compared to some of the ones he saw around the area. He was sure the second vertebra was from the same bat, so he picked up the smaller bone and cupped it in his hand. He began to concentrate again, when he heard a yell.


What was happening? Why was he yelling? Orledin dropped the bone and started to get up, the necromantic energies still swirling around his hands. He stumbled over his bench, falling flat on the ground. He began to get up when he noticed something move in front of him. It was the sheet. Worse, it was the sheet covering the raptor. It’s large claw on its boney foot clicked on the ground.

“Oh shit.”

The raptor appeared not to hear him, and the sheet still covered it. It wandered out the door towards the hut the yelling was coming from. Orledin could only make out a few words, ‘abandoned to trolls’ was one small phrase he caught, but he had bigger things to worry about right now. He followed the raptor towards the other hut, whispering expletives as he hurried after it.

The raptor didn’t seem to need to be able to see to find the entrance to the hut with Julan in it. Julan’s yells turned into a blood-curdling scream.

Orledin rushed inside and shouted, “No! Stop!”

The raptor stopped, just inches from Julan. The sheet had fallen off its head, but remained draped over its back. Julan’s screaming changed to sobbing. The raptor didn’t move.

“Please get it away from me.” Julan remained curled up on the bed in the corner.

Orledin frowned as he looked at the raptor. It had listened to him once. Did that mean he had control over it? He decided to try another simple command. He stepped just outside the hut. “Raptor, come here.”

The raptor obeyed.

“Raptor, stay.”

He left the raptor outside and went back in to check on Julan.

“Get away from me!” Julan yelled. He was mostly dressed, but appeared to be looking for one sock.

“Julan. It was a mistake. I’m so-”

“Didn’t you hear me? Leave me alone! I’ll find my way back, just stay away and keep that thing far from me too!”

Orledin’s ears drooped. He frowned and nodded as he turned and went out the door.

“Raptor, follow.” He had to find a safe place to put the raptor until he could report in with the Captain about what had happened.


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