The Reception

The wedding turned out well. Orledin Bloodlance tried to stay back and out of the way after people started arriving for it. He had helped decorate and had done most of the food, including the cake which he was exceptionally proud of. It was certainly one of his best ever. Now he just watched to make sure everyone had what they needed. He stood in the kitchen most of the time, glancing out to the common room at the festivities. He pretended to look busy anytime anyone came into the kitchen, but in reality, he had everything done ahead of time. He wasn’t sure all of the guests would be as accepting as the rangers were of his condition, so he preferred to stay where they wouldn’t see him.

He was able to see almost everything though. He watched as the rangers’ newest recruit, Julan, walked around. He had wandered outside, and from the window Orledin saw him approach another wedding guest who seemed to be staying out of the way. Orledin knew the bride, Linarelle, did not like Aeramin, but as he was her brother’s boyfriend, he was invited all the same. The feeling must have been mutual, as far as Orledin could tell, as the mage had spent most of the reception sitting on the bench outside near the practice area.

Of course, Julan was there with him now. Orledin could see he was clearly flirting. He sat close, a touch of the shoulder here, a touch on the knee there, and a whisper in his ear.  Orledin could also tell that Aeramin was rejecting his every move. He pushed away Julan’s hand each time he tried to touch him, he shook his head, and he scooted further away more than once. Each time Julan scooted closer, until Aeramin was on the edge of the bench.

It was right after that last scoot, that both of them turned to look one way. Orledin couldn’t see why at first, but Julan’s ears drooped, and he scooted away from Aeramin. Orledin saw why a few seconds later as Arancon walked to the bench and sat between them. Aeramin appeared to be rather surprised and relieved at the same time. Julan suddenly seemed bored as well as disappointed. After a few minutes of ear-twitching and fidgeting, he said something while getting up, and made his way back towards the door.

Aeramin and Arancon continued to sit on the bench and appeared to be speaking to each other civilly, so Orledin turned his attention back to the wedding reception inside. After checking that there were enough things out on the tables, he retreated again to the kitchen, this time watching out the door to the common area. He spotted Julan getting another glass of apple juice. He watched as the other elf took a small flask out of his pocket and poured a little into his own drink. Orledin shook his head, and watched some of the couples dancing.

Only a short time later, his attention switched back to Julan. He had taken a seat near Imralion this time, and although Kavia sat close by, he was very obviously flirting again. Orledin noticed he had refilled his drink again. He had no doubt he had spiked this one as well, and it seemed the more spiked drinks Julan had, the more boldly he flirted. Orledin watched as he left Imralion with Kavia and wandered around the room, winking at Tylenthis, and later staring inconspicuously at Sunashe’s rear.

Orledin took a few minutes to restock the food at the tables, and refill the cider bowl. He was heading back to the kitchen when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

“Eww, you are cold. I can feel it through your clothes.”

Orledin twitched an ear, “What do you want, Julan?” He continued towards the kitchen.

Julan followed, “More fun than this party is offering. Say, you wouldn’t want to help me liven things up, would you?”

Orledin’s ear twitched again. He was unsure what to make of that statement. He put his food tray on the countertop and turned around to see Julan striking one of his poses. He raised a brow and asked, “Are you flirting with me?”

“I don’t see anyone else here.”

“But you said…” Orledin didn’t want to repeat what he had said. He remembered.

Julan shrugged and gave a wink, “I’m desperate.”

“Oh, thanks.” Orledin turned back around and pretended to be busy by moving things from one tray to another.

“Oh no, I didn’t mean it like that. I mean, I am, but you are too, aren’t you? I don’t see any other guys out here. I just thought we could have some fun.”

Orledin’s ear continued twitching as he turned back around. “And what of love?”

“I want you to make love to me under the starlit sky.” Julan reached and touched his cheek, flinching to the coldness only a little as he first touched.

Orledin felt the heat from the other elf’s fingers. It was a gentle caress of warm fingers that he had been yearning for so long. He wasn’t sure if Julan really knew anything about love, but the touch broke him down. “Have another glass of cider while I take care of a few things.”

Julan’s expression changed to something between relieved and fearful, “We won’t be able to do anything here, of course.”

“I know a place. It is safe and private. I’ll meet you out front in ten minutes.”

Julan simply nodded and went to get another glass of cider before heading outside to wait.


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