The teacher said we had to write about our weekend over the weekend. I guess most of the other kids are going to write about their parents and brothers and sisters, but for once I don’t have to write about the orphanage. It’s Children’s Week, so the matron set up a sign asking for sponsors to come take us outside the orphanage for a bit. The older kids got to go earlier in the week, and I was starting to think I wouldn’t get to go this year, but then Mister Fairsong came in and the Matron called me over and asked me to pack some nice things for the weekend. I was so excited.

The first thing I noticed about Mister Fairsong was how fancy his robes were. I wish I had dresses that fancy! They were so pretty. He started talking to me after we left the orphanage, but I was a little shy. He said he was going to the robe shop because he was going to get married soon and needed to check on the progress of the robe he ordered. He also said he’s a mage. I know there’s a lot of people who are mages, but I don’t get to see any at the orphanage. I think magic looks really fun because you can just teleport all over, and make things appear from nowhere!

We arrived at the shop and he was talking to the people there about gold shades, and stuff. I wasn’t listening very well because I was looking at all the beautiful things they had there. I’ve never seen so many fancy things in one place before!

He asked me if I was hungry, and I really was, so I said yes! We went to a really nice shop with really good sandwiches. He bought a really big sandwich for me with chicken in it. It was so good! He just had a glass of water, but we sat while I ate. We talked some more. Mostly he asked questions about the orphanage, and what I liked to do and things like that.

After we ate, he made a portal. I was a little afraid to go through it, but he explained that he lived too far away to walk, and that the portal was completely safe. We went through it at the same time. That helped. Everything changed at once. One second we were outside in Silvermoon, and the next we were inside in a huge house! Mister Fairsong lives in the Ghostlands, which is kind of scary because I’ve never been outside of Silvermoon before except once last year when my sponsors then took me for a picnic just outside the gate. That was kind of nice, but this is even further.

The house is really big and fancy. Mister Fairsong said he runs a school to teach older students how to do magic. He also said there’s a class for regular studies for younger students because there isn’t any other school in the area. He said there’s only a couple students in that class right now, but there’s a lot of babies in the area, so in a few years it’s going to fill up!

He introduced me to Tik, his butler. Tik was really nice and said he’d take my things up to the room. Mister Fairsong told me after he left that Tik’s always lived there. I guess that must be a long time because Tik looks a bit old!

Mister Fairsong said it was time for me to meet his fiance, Terellion. We took another portal, but this time, I think it was just to another part of the house. Mister Terellion was there, and one of the magic students was too. They called her Des, and she seemed more like she was visiting than a student. They had cake and I got to have two big pieces. It was really good.

Mister Terellion seems really nice. He doesn’t wear fancy robes like Mister Fairsong. After they started talking, the topic quickly went to adopting me! I can’t believe it! I really really hope they’re not just saying that to make me happy because it happened last year, but the ladies then only came to see me a couple of times after they sponsored me and then that was it. The Matron said she didn’t know why they stopped wanting to adopt me. They didn’t tell her. I see a lot of kids in school who are mean and they’re brats and I wonder why they have a family and I don’t. I don’t think I’m a bad kid. I try really hard in school, and I don’t fight with the others like Ratha does. Her feet stink anyway. Not having a family makes me sad sometimes, and I really want to stay here with Mister Fairsong and Mister Terellion. I think they’ll be really great ann’das, but Mister Fairsong said they have to get married first to make it easier to prove they can provide a good family for me. They’re going to ask the Matron to extend the sponsorship. I really really hope she says yes! I also really really hope they mean it!

The room I’m staying in is mostly blue, which is one of my favorite colors and outside I can see the path that leads up to the house. There’s another house at the bottom of the hill, and this morning, Mister Fairsong and Mister Terellion showed me the garden. It’s on the other side of the house and it’s pretty big. One side of the garden has a wall, and then a cliff that overlooks the beach and the sea. It’s so pretty! The flowers are starting to bloom in the garden and I wished I could have stayed there all morning, but Mister Fairsong and Mister Terellion wanted to take me shopping. I have a new dress now, and it’s so fancy, I feel like a princess wearing it! Mister Terellion braided my hair and bought a doll for me. She’s really pretty too and has blond hair like me. I know if I take her back to the orphanage, I’ll have to let the other girls play with her to, but I’m a little worried that they might ruin her. I really hope the Matron agrees to extend the sponsorship.

Tomorrow, we’re going to the faire. I’m really excited about that too. I’ve heard about the faire, but I’ve never been there. Mister Terellion said they eat kodo feet there! Gross! I guess they also have good food. I hope so!
I have to go back on Monday. I’m worried that the Matron will say no and then Mister Fairsong and Mister Terellion will have to leave me there and then they won’t come back. I’m worried about if they adopt me too. I’ve never had a family before, and while Mister Fairsong has students, they’re a lot older than me, so I probably won’t have anyone to play dolls with anymore, but I’ll also have my own dolls, so maybe that will be okay.


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