The Ring

Tik sat outside by the kitchen door to the garden. Magister Fairsong had once again gone fishing, and brought back more fish. The Magister never filleted them, so Tik was always left with the task. He was glad that it had warmed up, and he was able to sit outside to do it without freezing his hands.

He picked up another fish and started cutting. He’d have to find more recipes that used fish. The fish the Magister had brought to him early this morning were local Ghostlands fish, something the Magister had proudly pointed out as he left the fish with Tik. “I caught them here, just at the river, just now, in real time!” he had exclaimed before hurrying off to get ready to teach his class. Tik hadn’t questioned his excitement. The Magister had just gotten engaged after all, and came across as being excited and happy about everything he talked about.

Of course the future wedding meant a lot of planning to do very soon, not just for the Magister, but for Tik as well. He would have to make sure there was enough food, and decorate the house for the wedding. The day of the wedding would be non-stop work, much like the balls, but he did hope he’d have time to dance with Lilithel at the end, like he had at the ball just a few days ago. He had been in luck that the enchanted instruments were still playing their last few songs, but most people had left already, or at least, had left the garden. He had to clean up yet, but he could handle a little delay in the work if it meant getting to dance with her.

He smiled a bit as he thought of her. He reached for the next fish and began making the necessary cuts when he felt something inside it. It was something hard in one of the spots where there shouldn’t be any bone. Tik made another cut to investigate, frowning with a puzzled look at what he pulled out. It was a ring of golden vines with small intricate leaves. In the center, one of the vines twisted to hold a bright red ruby. It was a beautiful ring. Tik wiped it off and began looking for any identifying marks. On the inside of the band he found an inscription, ‘To Linarelle, with all my love’. He knew a ranger by the name of Linarelle. He supposed it was possible she had lost it. He tucked it into his pocket. He’d have to make a trip to the ranger building later to ask if it was hers.


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