“Are you sure you won’t help?” Sunashe asked as he pulled himself up on the muddy bank of the river.

“I am helping.” Arancon looked up from his book he was reading under a nearby tree. He knew his friend wasn’t the best swimmer, but he had been in luck that the rains hadn’t been too heavy over the past few days. While there had been a drizzle now and then, the river was lazy and calm which meant for much easier swimming. Still, Sunashe only had one and a half legs. He shouldn’t swim alone. “I’m making sure you don’t drown.”

Sunashe pulled himself up onto a rock and wiped his face with the towel he had left there. “I’m hungry. Did you bring the sandwiches?”

Arancon nodded as he grabbed the bag sitting on the ground next to him. He opened it, and took out one of the sandwiches. He took it over to where Sunashe sat while wiping the mud off his hands.

“Thanks.” he said while taking the sandwich. He started to unwrap it as Arancon sat next to him.

“Do you really think you’ll be able to find the ring?”

“I threw it right here. It should be around here somewhere.”

“It might have been washed downstream or maybe the mud covered it.”

Sunashe shot a glance at Arancon, “I’ve been looking through the mud. The current isn’t very strong. I don’t think it was washed downstream.

“We have to leave for patrol in about an hour, less than an hour if you consider that we have to go back for Kavia first, and it looks like it’s going to rain more.”

“I know, but I can keep looking until then. I have to find it!”

Arancon sighed, “It wasn’t very smart to throw it in the river in the first place.”

Sunashe twitched an ear as he took a bite of his sandwich.

“You’re going to get a cold if you keep this up. The water is freezing.”

“The air is worse. It doesn’t matter. I have to get the ring back.”

“Why? You’re not going to ask her to marry you tonight.”

“No, but the longer I wait, the more likely I’ll never see it again. Like you said, it could get buried in the mud or washed downstream. I spent every copper I had on it, and I’d like to find it in case I do decide I’d like to ask her.” Sunashe stood up, unsteady on one foot in the mud, and handed the other half of his sandwich to Arancon. “Can you put this back for me?”

Arancon sighed, “Sure.” He headed back to his spot under the tree while his friend hopped carefully in the mud back to the freezing water. As he was placing the remaining half of the sandwich back into the bag, he noticed an envelope. He took it out just far enough to see Sunashe’s name was written on it. He glanced towards the river in time to see his friend take a deep breath and disappear beneath the water’s surface. It was too late to tell him now. He placed the letter back into the bag and picked up his book. Hopefully, Sunashe would find the ring soon, and they wouldn’t be late getting back for patrol.


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  1. “If” that’s cold Sunashe!

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