Hethurin’s Notes

  • We’re preparing for the spring ball, which is funny because I know Terellion said it was too early to plan much while we were on our trip, but as soon as we get back, it’s suddenly time to start talking about it. I don’t understand him sometimes. It was the same day, kind of. Anyway, we’re planning now. I’m kind of not very interested in planning it. I guess I’m sad a bit, but I’m trying not to be. I just don’t want anyone asking me about color schemes or what kind of food to make.
  • The part I still love doing is the music. You have to play each part once through to enchant it to play back, and at the end, you have a whole bunch of enchanted instruments that will play each part along with the others. I went to Silvermoon to find some new sheet music because I think it would be nice to have a few new songs. While my music education did include composition, I wasn’t that good at it, so I think it’s best that I leave writing the music to other people. I have a little help this year doing the enchantment too. I caught Keyalenn playing the piano near the front entrance a few weeks ago, and he’s actually pretty good, and has had a music education similar to mine with multiple instruments. He’s also in Theronil’s enchanting class, so it will be good practice as the spells used have their roots in both enchantment and other useful arcane spells. I offered it as a way for him to gain extra credit if he helped. He has agreed to do it, so we’ll work on that during his private lesson time.
  • While I was in Silvermoon getting the sheet music, I decided to go to the library, and found out they were having a book sale on old books. I looked through the magic ones first and I found some workbooks for arcane theory to give to the students to let them work from. There were also a bunch of text books that weren’t too much out of date. I’ll still be able to use most of them anyway. I found one for myself about chronomancy, though the spells in it do not appear to have roots in the Bronze Flight, but it will be good to study from, and who knows? Maybe I will find something useful in it. I also found a book full of funny spells like ‘flatulence aura’, and ‘create mustard elemental in a dragon shape’. It’s an entertaining book to say the least. There’s also a spell for turning milk into candy in it, which is interesting. I wonder if I can get it to work with chicken?
  • I had my last long trip with Terellion during the goblin holiday. We went for two weeks to the place Aeramin had mentioned taking Imralion to. It was really expensive. I didn’t want to run into him and Im, so Terellion and I went in another time, which is really handy as we can go for two weeks, but really only be gone a few seconds. It was really nice there. We didn’t have to leave the room for anything, but we did to walk on the beach and stuff. It’s probably not the very last long trip, but I talked to him while we were there. I feel really guilty about making him older for nothing. I didn’t tell him that because that’s too close to mentioning why we were trying to make him older, and I don’t want to get into that again. I’ve felt rejected enough! I do think it helps with the continuity of lessons and things going on at home. It’s easier to live there if I’m actually there, if that makes sense. Anyway, that’s what I told him, and I think he was a little sad. We do still take trips every day, but they’re only for a day or two, so it’s not like our time alone is gone. He’s just not aging a year in a month anymore. I do think it’s helped a lot with the lessons, and I’m more able to keep to my plan and I’m more patient with the students.
  • While we were on our trip, I avoided too much conversation about babies. He keeps bringing them up! He wants to get one, which would be great, if I knew it was really ours and no one would take it away. I told him the first time he brought it up that they don’t allow people to adopt if they’re not married. I think it’s to prove you can provide a family for the child, and they like papers to back it up. He started talking about getting someone to give us one they didn’t want, but what if they change their mind? I don’t want to go through getting attached to one only to have it taken away. I’m not pressuring him to get married though, so I can’t say anything. He keeps bringing up babies anyway, so I keep trying to change the subject. It’s like he’s trying to torment me with the fact we’re not married!
  • Anyway, that’s upsetting and I want to think about other things.
  • I talked to the rangers about sending out information about the school for younger students here to all of the estates. I’m having some papers printed for it so they can just drop them off at each inhabited home. So far, our only student is Vaildor, and I know he can’t possibly be the only kid between 5 and 50 out here. Hopefully the rangers will be able to help us reach more so they at least know there’s a school here, and that it’s free.
  • I also put up new flyers to find another apprentice mage. Maerista’s old room is still empty, well usually. One of the rangers wanted to stay there instead of a tent for the holiday, and now Mae is actually back in it because she had her baby here at the school. Zaeris, her baby, is really cute, but I’m sad to see babies right now. I just have to accept that the only kids I’ll have are my students. I have to get better at accepting that it’ll be fifty years or whatever before he thinks he’s old enough to get married, and maybe I’ll be too old to raise a baby then. I’m working on just forgetting about it. It’s not easy when he keeps bringing up babies.
  • I’m thinking about it again. I should work on my lesson plan instead.

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