Gaelardrim’s Log

Zaeris is here. It’s finally sinking in that I’m really a father. The past week has felt a bit surreal, like it wasn’t really happening, but I knew it really was. I guess that doesn’t make much sense. Anyway, I’ve spent much of the past week making sure Maerista has everything she needs. I made a couple of trips home to get some things, but we’re staying at the school for a bit. She was here when labor started, and I was out on patrol. I knew it was a good idea to make sure she was around people who could help get the priestess if she needed! We’ll probably be going back home soon. I am a bit worried about leaving her and Zaeris alone to go on patrol. What if something happens while I’m not there? I suppose we’re close enough to the school that she can get help quickly, and soon, she’ll go back to work there anyway.

I’m trying not to worry too much. He’s so tiny though, and he and Maerista mean everything to me. I’ve gone through losing everyone who ever meant anything to me before. I don’t think I’d make it through losing them, so I worry about that. I know things are safe here for now, and it eases my mind some to know that I’m helping to make sure that things stay safe for everyone.

I’m really glad I stayed to be a ranger out in the Ghostlands. I kind of agreed on a whim. I was planning to help with the rebuilding here, which I still have a little, but I’ve found it quite rewarding to know that the work of the rangers is what allows the rebuilding to happen. I’ve made some great friends with the rangers, and I feel like this is my place, like I belong there and I’m part of the team.


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