Aeramin’s Notes

  • The winter break is over. Unfortunately, winter is not over. There was a light dusting of snow this morning. It melted by midday, but it verified the cold weather is going to stick around for a bit. Luckily, our house is warm. We have a small fireplace in the bedroom, and a larger one downstairs. It’s a small house, so it’s enough.
  • There is not a fireplace in the second classroom, and it has a lot of windows. Classes have started again, and I nearly froze my ass off just waiting for the students to get to the room. I decided then to teach in the library instead for the day. I explained to Hethurin, and he said it would be fine as Vaildor won’t be studying in there anymore during the day as the new classroom is finished and Lali is teaching there. I bet they have a fireplace. I haven’t walked over to look at it yet.
  • Hethurin did say no casting in the library.
  • Especially fire spells.
  • That’s okay because we just go over theory and spells in class. They only cast in the practice rooms as I know Hethurin has them warded well, and I don’t want any accidents. Sometimes I do cast examples in class, but I can hold off on doing that for a bit. I’d rather not accidentally burn his library.
  • Speaking of libraries, I need to find someone to go to the library in Dalaran; not for books, but to check their records there. Records often get duplicated in different places, meaning that if someone tampered with some in one place, then the other place might have the correct information. We’re trying to find out more about Imralion’s family. He and Lin have checked in Silvermoon, but nothing was found there. That leads me to believe the records were tampered with. It happens quite a bit. The record keepers are easily paid off, I think. Maybe you have to know which ones to talk to, or something, but anyway, it’s fairly easy. That’s why it’s a good idea to check somewhere else where copies of the documents and records may have been sent.
  • I did know a human in Shattrath. I’m writing to him first to find out if he would be able to go inquire for us. I’m hoping he’s still in Shattrath, and that he’ll be able to help. We’ll be paying for his travel expenses, as well as checking for the information. Kes has offered to help, which is good because Dalaran isn’t cheap. I know that quite well.
  • I hope Im’s father is nothing like mine.

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