Nessna’s Gift

Nessna Silverdawn didn’t have a lot of time. She had left Rylad with Sath’alor while she made a trip to the city, but it was already late in the day by the time she finished patrol. She walked up to a door and knocked.

Thavron Amberlight opened the door a few seconds later. “Nessna! Come in!”

She entered, leaning to kiss the older elf’s cheek as she slipped off her cloak. “Hi Thavron. I hope everything’s well.”

“It is. I’m running ahead of schedule for the holiday rush. Rylad’s things were finished a few days ago.”

“Oh, that’s great! Did you have time to finish Sath’s?”

“I knew you were coming, thanks to your letter. I just finished it last night.”

“I can’t wait to see.”

Thavron nodded and led her to his workshop.

“How are Yara and Xyliah?” Nessna asked as she followed Thavron to the room in back. It smelled of sawdust and varnish. It reminded her of the way Vessen used to smell.

“Yara is well. I think she’s getting antsy to run off again. I’m trying to keep her from going back to the research in Desolace. I’d rather she stay in Quel’thalas. Xyliah wrote recently. She’s still in the Ghostlands, but talking about going places too. Have you heard about the portal?”

Nessna had, though she didn’t know much. Her brother had made the portal for her to get to Silvermoon today. He was off picking up things in the market, and had planned to meet her here later to make a portal to get the things for Rylad and Sath back to the Ghostlands. It was while they were walking together, that he had told her about the portal in the Blasted Lands leading to a different version of Draenor, before it became Outland. She didn’t quite understand how it worked, but had nodded politely and pretended to know what he was talking about. “I’ve heard. Hethurin says there’s lots of orcs there.”

“Yes, there’s been some news about that too. Apparently, the pandaren let that orc escape. After all we went through to capture him, they couldn’t keep a better eye on him? Rumor is, he’s the reason the portal changed.”

Nessna frowned and twitched an ear. It was careless of them. Vessen had died, and she had been gravely injured to capture that orc. How could they be so lax as to just let him escape after all they went through to capture him? “Maybe they can just trap him off in this other world then so we don’t have to deal with him.”

“That would be nice. I’m not sure it’s possible now with all the mages making portals there.”

Nessna nodded silently, remembering that her own brother had told her about going there. Mages going back and forth and taking other people would mean that there was no way to trap a dangerous orc there.

Thavron pulled off the cloth covering the newly made furniture in his workshop, revealing a tiny chair and footstool. “Here are the things for Rylad.”

Nessna smiled as she looked at the furniture. It was a little big for her son now, but he was growing fast, and they wanted something that would last at least a few years for him. The feet of the chair and footstool were in the shape of paws. “Oh, he’s going to love these. They’ll look great in the little house Sath is building.”

“How is that going?”

“It’s looking great. It’s almost done. I was a little worried about it being done on time due to all the rain, but after you get the roof on, I guess it’s easier to work on. Sath’s really proud of it. He had some help from one of the other rangers who was a builder on Quel’danas.”

Thavron nodded as he walked over to another covered piece of furniture. He pulled back the sheet. “Here’s the other one.”

Nessna smiled. It was just what she asked for. It was a tall back chair. A cat’s face had been carved at the end of each armrest, their jaws open and fangs exposed. The cushions were covered with a cheetah pattern, and while they weren’t actual cheetah fur, they were soft and fluffy. At the top of the tall back, a lion head had been carved into the wood. The feet of the chair were paws, just like with Rylad’s furniture. “It’s perfect! The carvings are so beautiful.”

Thavron smiled, “They took a while. I had some fun learning through trial and error with the armrests. Do you have a way to get these to the Ghostlands?”

“My brother is going to come here to help after he finishes his shopping. He said he wouldn’t be long, but knowing him…” Nessna shrugged.

“Come have a cup of tea while waiting. You can tell me all about what Rylad’s been up to lately.”

Nessna smiled and followed Thavron.


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