Morrainne quickly left the table where Imralion and the others sat and headed to the man they had pointed out was the owner of the house, and the one who was throwing the party. It was a lavish party, and the food was amazing. The wine was really good too, and she knew just how to thank him. She smiled. Maybe if she thanked him enough, he’d let her stay for a bit, and she could get whatever she wanted. She really loved rich guys, and this one was a mage on top of that. His long lavish robe was enough to give that away, even if she hadn’t known ahead of time that he was the headmaster of a magic school. His dark red hair was long and straight, and brushed back behind his ears. Though his robes hide it, his face showed that he was bordering on too thin. Morrainne thought that contributed to a sort of handsome frailty about him, and she did certainly think he was good-looking. His dark skin complimented his bright green eyes. His long goatee would look cute with a little braid in it. She’d have to take that up with him in the morning.

She slid up to where he stood as he sipped a glass of wine next to the wine table. If she wasn’t mistaken, it wasn’t his first. Good, that would make it even easier. She smiled as she poured herself another glass. “Hi, nice party.”

“Hi. Thanks.” He sipped his wine again.

She stepped in closer. He was tall, and he was looking down. If she could just get her cleavage in his way…

He stepped back. “Did you come with someone? I don’t think we’ve met.”

“Oh, yeah. Imralion invited me and my friend Emmaeli. We’re just friends. It’s not like anything’s going on. My name is Morrainne. I thought I’d come say thanks for the party.”

“I see.” The mage responded while glancing across the room. Morrainne followed his gaze. Imralion still sat with Aeramin and Emmaeli. “Imralion has someone anyway, so of course you’re just friends. I’m glad you like the party.”

Morrainne thought it was a good time to step in closer again. The mage stepped back, this time backing into the wall. Morrainne stepped closer knowing he couldn’t back up again.

“Hi, yes. There’s a lot of space right there.” His ears twitched slightly as he spoke, drawing Morrainne’s attention to them.

“I like your space.” Morrainne purred as she pressed her body against him. She felt him tense up, and shift sideways.

“I like my space too, except when I’m with my boyfriend. I like sharing space with him.”

She could tell by his nervous smile and his quick glances towards the door that he was plotting his escape. She glanced around. She didn’t see a boyfriend. The mage started giving some excuse about going to check on things in the kitchen as he turned towards the door. She grabbed his hand. “You know, it’s okay to relax a bit at your own party.”

He looked back at her.  “I am relaxed.”

“You don’t seem like it. You know, I could help.” She winked at him.

He pulled his hand free and hurried towards the door. She followed him as he rushed down the hallway past the library. “Where are you going, sweetie? Do you know a quiet place we can go?” Morrainne didn’t think it was going very well, but it was worth asking. Maybe he’d reconsider.

He didn’t. Instead, he quickened his pace, causing him to trip on his robe at the end of the hallway where it opened up into the sitting room. As he fell, his wine glass flew from his hand and shattered on the floor. She hurried to him to help, but he was already halfway to his feet.

“Don’t touch me!” He stated, pushing her hands away.

At that moment, the butler turned the corner into the hallway, “Magister, are you okay?”

“I’m fine, Tik. Where’s Terellion?” he said as he finished getting back up on his feet.

“He’s in the kitchen, Magister. Don’t worry about this. I’ll clean it up.” Tik answered, referring to the broken glass and spilled wine.

Hethurin glanced at Morrainne. “Don’t you dare follow me.” He spun and walked away from the hallway, crossing the sitting room and disappearing through an archway to another room.

Morrainne smiled and crossed her arms.  She could do with the not following him, but that wouldn’t stop her from wandering to the kitchen five minutes later with a spinach roll in her hand. She turned and went back to the ballroom to get another plate.



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