Hethurin’s Notes

  • Finally, I can write again! The cast on my arm is off. My leg feels better too, but Lani said I re-injured it so I have to wait longer. I can’t wait to get that cast off too! At least I can use crutches now. It was so terrible being stuck in my room all the time! I thought I was going to die! The first thing I did was go everywhere in the house and make sure everything was all right. I think Terellion was worried because he was following me everywhere.
  • I’m a bit upset with him still. He shouldn’t sleep on the couch, even if he’s mad or whatever. I don’t know why he did that. I guess because I couldn’t help him with his party. Anyway, now I can, so I am. They’ve hardly done any planning at all.
  • I guess I was a little mad at his party at first because I wanted my party. It’s really too cold for it already though, and now I’m not sure I want it anyway. It was just a way to have a wedding party without a wedding, and now I guess I’m accepting that I’ll probably never have a wedding. Terellion doesn’t want to, and if he leaves me, well, there’s no one else, so it’s never going to happen. I still wanted a party, but now I’m just depressed when I think about it, so I’m not thinking about it. It’s probably because winter is coming. Thinking about waiting until summer bothers me.
  • Anyway, I was trying to make plans for MY party. MINE, not his because he doesn’t want to get married, but if I tell him it’s my non-wedding party, he’ll get upset about that too. So I was making plans for that and he said I should have masks at the party. Masks! At a wedding party! I mean, a non-wedding party. I think masks sound stupid for that kind of party. Then I wanted to cry because I couldn’t explain that it wasn’t a mask kind of party because he won’t ask me to marry him.
  • I almost died, and he still doesn’t want to marry me. I’ve had a lot of time to think, and maybe I should be the one sleeping on the couch! If I did, Tik would probably get mad because my leg is still in a cast, and he won’t think I can rest properly on a couch. Maybe I should move to a guest room. I don’t know.
  • Maybe Ter hates me now because of the burn. It looks like it’s scarring pretty bad. I guess it’s still a little early to tell. Lani says it’s still healing and I still need to put the cream stuff on. At least it doesn’t sting as much anymore. Ter got a little burn too, but I think it’s already healed, and he didn’t burn one of his nipples off!
  • If he hates me because of that then I’m glad he doesn’t want to ask me to marry him.
  • I’m helping plan his mask party now. I’ve just got 40 pumpkins today. I hope that’s enough for his cake. I hate pumpkin cake. I hate pumpkin anything, but I’m going to eat it. I’m not going to like it any more than I do now, but I’ll eat it. I just hope that I don’t make too many faces while eating it. Maybe I can take kind of small bites, and just swallow them whole so that I won’t have to taste it too much. Maybe I’ll keep a napkin in my pocket in case I need to pretend to eat it.
  • I need some new robes, but I don’t want to go to the shops. I wish there was some way to go there to see them without going there! Maybe I could send someone with a scrying glass so I could watch. That isn’t a bad idea, but then they would still need to measure me so that the robes would fit perfect. Maybe old robes are fine for a mask party.
  • I don’t want to go because I wanted to get something really nice for my non-wedding party. I mean, really, really nice. I wanted to be incredibly handsome and fancy! But now I’m not having a non-wedding party, so I shouldn’t go look at robes. I know that I would see the perfect one if I did, and then I would start crying. I hate crying. I need to remember that Hethurin Fairsong doesn’t cry. I forget that sometimes.
  • I’m starting the arcane and theory classes again next week. They were a bit delayed this semester because of my injuries, but the frost and fire classes have continued, thanks to Raleth and Aeramin. I’m really glad I’m not the only teacher at the school! The students have been tutoring Vaildor during the day too. I guess they take times when they don’t have class to see him in the library. Vaildor suggested to me yesterday while I was checking everything on crutches that I should give regular classes to kids in the area. I guess he needs a general education still, and there’s some program at the art school he wants to go to that allows young students part-time if the other part of the time they’re in general classes. He said I could sign up to work with the program, and provide general education to the children in the area. There aren’t many children in the area to begin with, and I could get the students to help teach them. I think it would be better to hire another teacher.
  • We would probably have to build another room too because I don’t want the library to be used only for that. The magic students need to be able to use the library whenever they want. Maybe after the tower is done.
  • Oh, the tower! It’s looking great so far, but right now there’s a hole in the roof! They’re building it though, and I got to go up to see how it is so far. The walls aren’t done on the upper levels, so that was a bit scary, but it looks good. Terellion was freaking out about me going up the stairs with crutches. Going down is scarier, but he seemed relieved that I was getting out of the construction area.
  • I have so much to catch up on. I’m really glad I can get back to work on writing my books. I’m working on one for teaching teleportation, and the other one is a story. After the story is finished, there’s only one person I want to share it with, even if all he wants is a mask party.


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2 responses to “Hethurin’s Notes

  1. Aww no he doesn’t want to get married because he’s like, 18 haha.

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