Ranger Logs

Gaelardrim’s Log:

Things here have been going well.  I think the real rangers are starting to think of us newer people as real rangers too, usually.  They’ve put Ty and I on our own morning patrol.  I hate morning patrol, but I think it’s good they trust us to do our job.  It does cut into the time I would normally have to work on the house, but I have adjusted.  Ty and I stop for lunch at the school so that I still get to see Maerista daily at the regular time.  She’s always waiting for me at her window, which is big and has a place for her to sit.  We go meet in the garden then, though I doubt we’ll be able to eat outside for much longer.  The air has been getting chill, and the clouds have been getting darker.  It’s been raining off and on for the past few days.

I was hoping to have the house done before winter, and there is still time, but we won’t be able to work on it if it’s raining too much.  Ty and Orledin have been helping most afternoons after patrol.  Sunashe has been not helping by insisting that we practice our bow shooting right after patrol, which cuts into the daylight hours.  Anyway, it’s starting to look like a house now, so as long as it doesn’t rain everyday for the next couple months, it should be done before any snow falls.


Sunashe’s Log:

Maybe it will work out.  We went to Shattrath, and to the forest just outside the city.  She showed me some of the things she had talked about.  Spiders bigger than the spiders here in the Ghostlands, and funny looking trees.  They were tall and thin, and had cones that dropped from them.  She showed me the birds that lived nearby, and some giant moths.  I also saw some lizards that disappeared and reappeared not far away.  Lin said it was like a mages blink spell.  Magic lizards!  I’d like to learn more about them, and Lin seemed fond of the moths.  I’m hoping we can take a trip back there soon.

I did stop at the library to get books.  I don’t think they get many people asking for lizard books, at least, that’s what I gathered from the look on the girl’s face when I asked.


Orledin’s Log:

I’ve started baking bread in advance to go with supper as I’ve been helping Gaelardrim build his house.  He didn’t seem too sure about having me help at first, but things seem okay now.  I’m happy that things are going well for Ty and him, but I find something that needs being done on the other side of the house if they start talking about girls too much.  It’s not that I mind it, it’s just I don’t want to be asked if there’s any girls that I’m looking at, or worse, asked about my experience with girls!  Hah, there isn’t any.

I don’t want them to find out, still.  I’ve told the Confessor, but I know he’ll keep it secret.  I’ve spoken with Aeramin too, but I don’t think he’ll tell anyone.  He’s not here with the rangers often anyway, so that works out very well, especially since he doesn’t care to see me again.  Sorrowmoss also knows, but I think if she was going to tell anyone, she would have by now.


Perothis’s Log:

It’s been really great finally being able to go on patrol.  Lin has been taking us with her in the afternoon and evening shift.  Not a lot happens on patrol and I feel a bit like the odd one out because I’m the only guy, and I’m a lot younger than both of the women. They talk more to each other when we stop for our break than they do to me, but that’s okay.  It gives me more time to concentrate on learning the route.

The reservations that I had for the trip for Des and I were messed up, but the friend I have there is trying to arrange something for us.  He works at one of the big inns there and said that the prices go down a bit in the winter because more people go in the summer.  Anyway, we should be able to go soon.  I’m really excited about that trip.  I always feel like someone is watching us at the school.  I bet the Magister has scrying orbs all over the place or something crazy like that, which makes me a bit shy to even kiss her!  It’ll be a lot nicer on the trip.


(( And a letter arrives at the ranger building.  The penmanship is sloppy and the letter is written on the backside of a bill from a tavern. ))

Captain Silverdawn,

I am looking for work, and was wondering about the rangers as I’ve recently heard that you’ve taken on someone with a missing foot and helped him get surgery.  I too have some injuries which have prevented me from working, and need some assistance in that area.  I do not know much about archery, but I do have a sword and armor.  If my old injuries can be tended to, I would like to join.

– Arancon Firewind



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