Sunashe’s Log

I’ve been looking at the maps, trying to memorize the patrol routes before I actually go out on them.  Unfortunately, I know that I’ll need help the first few days.  Maps and actually being there are two completely different things.  Luckily, I’ll be able to go soon.  Already, I’m able to walk better with the new foot.  My leg is a little sore sometimes, but I feel stronger.  I think the priestess was right that I just needed exercise, but the old foot hurt and hindered my efforts in that area.

My shoulder is recovering well from the surgery.  I saw the priestess for a follow up last friday, and she said I could start practicing with my bow again, though I shouldn’t overdo it.  She said that if it hurts, I should stop.  It hasn’t hurt, but I am using a lighter bow than my regular one.  I figured it would be best to build back up the strength gradually.

I was okay to go to the faire with Lin.  I was hoping it would be really fun and turn out being a good place to go, but I’m not so sure things are going to work out with her.  I don’t think she’s very interested in me.  I tried talking to her and asking questions about herself, but the conversation kept drifting back to work-related things, or worse, silence.  I told her I like to take walks in the woods, but she said that was patrol.  I asked her what she likes to do, but she said she doesn’t have anything she likes to do.  I have a feeling it’s more likely that she does have things she likes to do, she just doesn’t want to share them with me.

I’m still taking care of the rose bush I got for her.  Someone has to.  I’ll have to cover it for winter soon.

She did say she likes some place in Outland.  I don’t know if she really wants to go with me, but I would go.  I’ve never been to Outland before.  I just hope it isn’t useless trying to go with her.  I talked to the captain and Ty about it for a bit the other night, and I’ve tried half the things they suggested already.  If she didn’t care when I told her she was pretty to her face, then what difference is it going to make if I write it on a card?  So she’ll have something to burn?  I really don’t think she’s that interested.


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