Nessna’s Log

A lot has been going on.

The biggest news is we’ve had the wedding, and we’re now on our trip, which is giving me a little bit of spare time to write in my log.  Just a little.  Most of the time I’m spending with Sath’alor, which I wouldn’t have any other way.  The wedding was gorgeous.  It wasn’t at all like my first one, which is why I asked Sath to do all the planning.  While my mother took care of most things for the first one, I did have a say in the planning.  I wanted this one to be different, and it was.  It was a lot smaller, and I appreciated the more intimate atmosphere, and not having a bunch of people who I didn’t really know there.  We kind of had to leave the party early to catch the boat.  I do miss Rylad, but I know he’s safe with my father, especially with my father staying in the Ghostlands.  He was supposed to be staying in Silvermoon, but I guess something happened at the school.  Hethurin hurt himself or something.  Father said it was a long story, but Hethurin will be fine.  However, he didn’t show up at the wedding, so I guess I am a bit worried about how okay fine is.  I’m planning to stop by sometime after we get back, but that leads to another problem.

Xyliah and her husband are in the area.  I guess they’ve been in Pandaria all this time hanging out on a beach somewhere.  She didn’t even know about Vessen until just recently.  Then she’s upset with me for moving on.  Excuse me, but I think it’s a little more offensive to just run off and forget family exists for a year than it is to remarry!

It makes me a bit nervous because they’re going to be staying in the area for a few months, and I don’t really want her dropping by and calling me names whenever she feels like it.  To make matters worse, I guess they’re staying with Hethurin, so I’ll have to be careful when I go to visit him.

The rangers have been doing well.  The new members have been fitting in.  Sunashe has mentioned that he thinks that Vellira and Perothis are ready to learn the patrol routes, so I think they’ll probably be starting while we’re away.  I find it rather ironic that Sunashe says when they’re ready to learn the routes since he doesn’t know the patrol routes himself.  He should be ready to learn them soon as well.  His new foot is supposed to arrive later this week, and he’ll hopefully be able to walk better with it.  He’ll also have surgery for his shoulder soon.  It was supposed to be last week, but then whatever happened at the school happened, and Lani cancelled and rescheduled his appointment.  He seemed a bit cranky about that.

Speaking about the school, I was able to get one of the kittens and bring it back to the ranger building.  I told Hethurin it was for all of the rangers, but mostly it was for Orledin.  Hethurin doesn’t like him, but he really wanted a cat, so I agreed to help him get one.  I don’t think he had named it yet.  He was just calling it ‘cat’ when we left.  I’m sure he’ll think of something while we’re gone.

Gaelardrim will be moving out of the ranger building in a few months.  He’s working on building a house for himself and Maerista.  We’ll have another wedding to go to soon!  I’m not sure if they’re planning to have it at the ranger building or up at the school.  I suppose it depends how big it is.  I have no idea how big either of their families are.  I haven’t spoken with Maerista much, and Gaelardrim never talks about his.  He was quite happy with the plans being approved though, and was talking to anyone who would listen about them.

The last bit of news is that Sath’s sister is moving to the area, along with her husband and baby.  Iannor is about a year younger than Rylad, but that will make less of a difference when they get older.  Right now, Rylad wants to play with him, but Iannor doesn’t do much yet.  I’m sure that in a few years, they’ll be inseparable friends.


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