Mirror Image 2

That had been easier than he had thought it would be.

Sanimir Lightmist thought that things were going quite well, considering.  Vaildor had not come through the portal yet, but there was still time.  Besides, he had lied to the boy, there was a chance he could succeed without him, but it would be much easier if the others worried about accidentally hurting him.  In most of his viewings of the possibilities, Vaildor’s voluntary presence inadvertently allowed Sanimir to easily slay the dragon, as well as the armor-clad elf.  From there, it would be easy to finish off Hethurin.

He teleported a short distance away from an attack by the dragon.  There was the other mage who came with Hethurin.  He glanced around while casting his next spell.  She was still hiding.  Good.  As long as she stayed like that, she could live.

There was the concern of the other dragon and the other timewalker appearing.  They did in most of his viewings.  Without Vaildor to cause a distraction, he’d have little chance against them, but there was a chance.  Things were going well enough that he believed that chance might be greater now.  With Hethurin buried under the cliff debris, his greatest foes were the dragons, and he had slain plenty of them before.

He had the advantage of studying the fight ahead of time.  He chose to face them here as any other place or time lead to even less chance of his survival and freedom.  He cast a quick teleport away from another attack.  The dragons didn’t have that advantage.  They would have had to check every moment in every place in every timeline to find this specific place and time.  Thus it worked out best that he was the one to choose.

There was a great chance he would die here, and he accepted that.  In fact, he preferred it over imprisonment.  A roll of thunder was his queue to teleport again.  They were trying to come at him from different angles.  He smiled.  He knew this part well.  The only large variable was when the other dragon and timewalker would show up.  He had to take these two down before the others arrived.


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