Aeramin’s Notes

  • I told Imralion what happened in the library with Cyannah.  He’s not angry, but he is upset.  He said he was confused and kept asking why.  I told him the truth.  I was stupid.  I don’t think the truth worked.  He still asked why.  I don’t know what else to tell him.  I slept on the couch last night.
  • He needs time to think, so I left him at the school this morning and went into town to see my father.  I knew from the moment he opened the door, it was just going to be a bad day.  He was hungover.  I don’t know why I expected anything else.  Oh, and he wasn’t happy that I woke him up.  It was mid-morning!  He should have been awake by then!  He didn’t like that he had to move to answer the door either.  He wound up pushing me around everytime I got anywhere close to him, and yelling at me everytime I told him what a disgusting pig he is.  Like that’s my fault!  I had nothing to do with you breaking your empty bottles against the wall of your sitting room, old man!
  • He makes me angry sometimes, but I know to yell and resort to violence like he does would make me no better than him, and I am better than him.  I helped him by cleaning up the mess on the floor and trying to clean the walls.  That took most of the day.
  • His kitchen was beyond disgusting.  I have to come back tomorrow to finish it.  He has some new food mixed with old moldy food and never cleans his dishes.  It’s really gross.
  • I’ll probably be sleeping on the sofa in the room at the school again.  The room was a bit weird.  There were stuffed animal toys all over, chocolates and wine.  It smelled faintly of a perfume too.  I should have asked Hethurin about that, but I didn’t have much time.
  • I did see him before I left to see my father, which is good, I was hoping he could help, but he’s refusing.  I know he knows time magic stuff.  He told me that my father was supposed to die, but he messed it up.  I’m still mad about that, so I thought he owed me one.  I asked him to send me back in time so that I could talk to myself.  I was hoping I could get myself to lock the library door or something so that no one would show up in the room, or convince myself not to go to the library that day, but Hethurin refused to send me back. I told him I needed to go so I could fix things and he said that it sounded like I wanted to mess things up! That’s not what I want!  I just don’t want to hurt Im, and I have, and Hethurin isn’t letting me fix it.  
  • Hethurin asked me again what I did.  I wouldn’t tell him because he wasn’t helping me.  If Im wants everyone to know, I’ll let him tell everyone.  I’ve only told Kes and Ordinicus.  They won’t tell everyone.

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