A Talk after Classes

Hethurin Fairsong walked along the long hallways of Fairsong Academy.  He hated his new wards, which allowed magic only in certain rooms.  It meant he couldn’t teleport anywhere!  However, Maerista’s parents had not been very accepting of his idea that she should be old enough to make decisions herself, and he felt it was best to keep the wards up for the time being, even if it meant walking.

He stopped at a door near the end of the hallway and knocked.  He heard a voice call out from within, “Come in.”  Good, he wasn’t too late.  Aeramin had a tendency to leave early at times, as he preferred to work in the library in Shattrath than at the school.  He opened the door, and stepped inside the room, closing the door behind himself as the elf sitting at the desk looked up.  “Hello, Hethurin.”

“Hi.  Can we talk?”

Aeramin pulled the papers in front of him together and stacked them neatly off to the side.  “Sure. What is it?”

Hethurin sat in the chair on the other side of the desk.  “I was wondering about marriage.  Oh, don’t tell Ter I said anything, okay?”

“Okay.  What do you think I know about marriage?  I’ve never been married.”

“Oh, well I thought maybe you knew who was supposed to ask.”  Hethurin frowned.  Maybe Aeramin wouldn’t know.

“Probably the one with enough money to buy everything for the wedding.”

“But I wear robes.”

“Lots of guys wear robes.”

Hethurin frowned again, “But I want him to ask, and I want it to be his idea.”

“Then wait.”

“How long?”

Aeramin shrugged.

“What if he never asks?”

“Then he doesn’t want to get married.”

“But I do.”

“Then ask him.”

“I can’t ask him!” Hethurin exclaimed.  Aeramin wasn’t being much help at all.

“Why not?”

“Because I want him to ask.”

“And what if he’s saying the same thing to himself right now?  Look, I know you don’t want to hear this, but because he works here and you own everything, he probably sees you as being the one who should ask.  If he asks, it’ll look like he’s just in it for the money and the easy lifestyle.  That’s if he’s even thinking about it.  He’s a bit young to be thinking about marriage.”

Hethurin rolled his eyes, “He’s old enough.  There’s less of an age gap between him and me than there was between us.”

Aeramin’s ear twitched, “Age difference has nothing to do with it.  I’m just saying he’s young.  Yes, he’s old enough, but he’s young.  I think you should bring it up with him and see if he’s open to it.”

“But then it’s my idea, not his.”

Aeramin raised a brow, “It is, isn’t it?”

Hethurin frowned thoughtfully, “I guess it kind of is, but I’d like him to think about it too.”

“Then talk to him about it.”

Hethurin thought about it for a moment before nodding silently.  He started to get up.

“Wait, I was kind of hoping to talk to you too.”

“Oh?”  Hethurin sat back down.

“Yeah, I was hoping you might have a guest room free starting this weekend.”

“There should be.  I’ll make sure Tik has it ready for you.  Will Imralion be coming too?”

“It might just be Imralion.”

Hethurin raised a brow, “Where will you be?”

“That depends on him.  I have to tell him something he’s not going to be happy about.  I want him to be near his sister, and there’s the Confessor in town if he needs to talk.  I know Tik will make sure he eats, and if he needs to talk about how awful I am behind my back, I have two ex-boyfriends in the area who can probably nod and agree.”


“Orledin, the death knight.  I knew him when he was alive and just a baker.  Anyway, I’ll be in town staying with my father until Im’s ready to see me.  If he wants to see me.”

“It sounds pretty bad.  What did you do?”

“That’s something I have to talk to him about, not you.  You’ll find out eventually.  Probably this weekend.”

Hethurin frowned.  It must be something really horrible if Aeramin expected Imralion wouldn’t want him around.  “I’ll let Tik know to have the room ready.  I’ll ask Terellion to make extra cake this weekend too.”

“Thank you.”  Aeramin picked up his papers and put them away in his satchel.  “I suppose I should get home and let Im know of the plan to visit this weekend.  I’ll be telling him what happened after we arrive so he’ll have all the support he needs.  Could I bother you for a portal to Shattrath?  Yours are better than mine.”

Hethurin nodded.  He could make them in this room as he had left it out of the warding so that Raleth and Aeramin could still arrive without having to arrive outside.  He got up and started casting the spell.


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