Lanthiriel’s Diary

Dear Diary,

It’s done.  I’m a wife now.  Everything went almost perfect.  There were a few problems, but nothing terrible.  We had all fallen asleep in the ballroom the night before.  Tik woke us up with breakfast.  Hethurin showed up shortly after, and went with me by portal to Silvermoon to get the dresses.  That was when we found out about the biggest problem of the day.  There were supposed to be four dresses, but they only had two.  Mine was finished and the one for Desdeyliri was done, but they had messed up the order for the other two.  There were supposed to be three identical dresses for the girls!  We had to make sure the one that was done was Des’s first, then I picked similar dresses for the other two.  I had to go with what the shop already had made, and in their sizes so there wasn’t a lot of choice.  Luckily, I found two that would work and went back to the school with Hethurin.  He went back upstairs to get ready.  I left the dresses there in the library while I went down to the house to get my father and Vaildor.  My father said things went well the night before and that Nessna had come to get Rylad already.  He needed to get ready yet, so I brought Vaildor back up to the school with me.  I left him to wait in the library while the girls and I went to get ready.  We used the second classroom as that one has a door on it, unlike the main classroom, and we didn’t want anyone to walk in on us.  We were all helping each other with our buttons and zippers.  Then there was a knock at the door.  Xarola said it was Hethurin, and that he said he’d be with Vaildor, which was a relief.  I know he wasn’t happy about it, but there was no way I was leaving him to meet the rest of the family on his own.  I’m glad Hethurin volunteered to stay with him for me.

The girls did my hair after that.  We could see a little into the garden, though there were a few bushes and trees between where all the guests were and the room we were using to get ready.  Xarola was trying to count how many people were there.  I was a bit worried that the Confessor would get cold feet and not show up, so I was relieved he did.

Finally, it was time for the ceremony.  I’ve never been so nervous and excited at the same time.  My father performed the ceremony, and I think the Confessor was just as nervous as I was.  Thankfully, neither of us passed out!  I think my father cried a little at the end.

It was time to eat after.  Tik made all sorts of food.  The spinach rolls were a big hit, just like they were at the ball, so I went inside to help him make more.  He kept saying I shouldn’t be inside, but I wanted to make sure there were enough spinach rolls.  I did leave him to finish on his own when the Confessor came inside too.  I had a glass of wine with him, and we danced for a bit after eating.  I threw my flowers.  I tried to aim them towards Nessna, but Xarola caught them.  I don’t think the flower thing is very accurate anyway.  If she’s the next one to get married, I think the others are all going to be waiting a long time because she’s still pretty young!

I slipped away to help make more spinach rolls as we were running out, again.  I took the tray back out to the table, but then I couldn’t find the Confessor.  I also couldn’t find my father.  Or Hethurin and Vaildor.  My mother was also missing, though I had seen her earlier with her boyfriend.  I spoke with Aranae for a bit.  She was looking for Hethurin too so she could get her portal home.  She brought a pandaren with her.  I think the bear ate all the spinach rolls.

It rained a bit, but it didn’t last long, and after, I finally found the Confessor.  I guess he was inside talking to some of the others.  We decided to leave then, before it started raining again, which we didn’t want because we were traveling by dragonhawk.  It was quite a distance to travel that late in the evening especially after having wine, but I felt safe with his arms around me.

After we got to the inn we’re staying at, I put on the red dress.  I was a bit nervous, but it was really nice.  I think he was worried about hurting me.  It did hurt a little, but it passed quickly into feeling really good.  It was a little weird waking up in the morning next to him.  Not a bad weird, but a good weird.  It was like I forgot for half a second, then remembered I’m married.  It was good, but it’ll take some time to get used to!

I’m really enjoying the time alone with him, though I am still drinking my tea.  He thinks it’s better to wait to get settled in.  I don’t see why.  It’s not like I won’t be able to do anything while pregnant.  Many women work right up until the time they go into labor!  I don’t think it’s going to take nine months to move in, but I don’t want to argue either.  I’ll bring it up again once we’re home.

The beach is really nice, and we’ve been going there a lot.  I think I have a tan.  I am a bit worried about how things are at home.  I didn’t see Vaildor or my father before leaving, so I hope everything’s going well.  I hope Hethurin’s okay too.  I know it was hard for him to have so many people there at once.  I also hope Nessna isn’t mad at me for not throwing the flowers better!


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