The Wedding (Part 2)

After the ceremony, Hethurin accompanied Vaildor back to the tables set up where they would eat.  They had sat near the back during the ceremony, along with Terellion, the other teachers and the students.  Hethurin felt it was best if Vaildor was kept away from his mother and sisters during the actual ceremony, and so, had chosen strategic seating in the middle of people from the school.  Renner had kept asking when they would get to the cake part, and Keyalenn kept saying he felt sick and wanted to go upstairs, but, despite a couple of noisy students,  the seating arrangement had worked.  Now was going to be the hard part.

They found a table off to the side.  Hethurin sat in one of the chairs and motioned for Vaildor to sit next to him.  “We’ll wait here.  Father should be sitting with us shortly.”

Vaildor frowned, but sat without protest.  He took out his sketchbook and started updating his drawings from earlier with the correct dress styles.

It wasn’t long before their father, Isturon, returned outside.  He sat on the other side of Vaildor.  “Everything’s okay so far?”

“No one’s come over yet,” Hethurin replied, “I saw Esladra looking though.  Would you stay with him while I get some food?”

Before his father could answer, Vaildor looked up from his drawing.  “I want some food too.”

“I’ll get you a plate.”

“I can get my own plate.”

Hethurin looked to his father, “Tell him it’s better if…”

“Hethurin, take him with you so he get his own plate.”

Vaildor jumped up out of his seat before Hethurin could respond.

Hethurin frowned, “Fine.”

He lead him to the table where the food was at.  Unfortunately, one of his sisters was already there, and it was one of his least favorite.

“Hello Vallindra.  Have you met Vaildor?” Hethurin asked as he took two plates from the pile at the end of the table, and handed one to the young elf next to him.

“I can’t say I have.”  Vallindra replied as she raised a brow.  “I heard Lani adopted a boy from the area.  Is this him?”

Hethurin nodded.  He turned briefly to help Vaildor get some salad on his plate.  Vaildor scrunched up his nose at the vegetables.

“Interesting name.”  She commented as she put some spinach rolls on her plate.  “Did she make him change it to bother mother?  I didn’t think she had it in her to pull something like that.  Then again, I didn’t think she had it in her to pull what she did to go to Kalimdor.  I heard all about that.  Mother’s still quite livid about it.”

“I’ve always been called Vaildor.  Lani didn’t make me change it.” the boy answered her this time.

Vallindra put a few last things on her plate then turned to look directly at Vaildor.  She opened her mouth to say something, but paused and looked at Hethurin.  She looked back at Vaildor after a moment then mused, “You two look incredibly alike.” She turned and joined her husband at one of the tables.

Vaildor looked at Hethurin.

“Finish filling your plate so we can go sit.”  Hethurin said quietly.  “I’d rather not be questioned about you without some back up.”


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