Keyalenn’s Notes and Letter

  • The painting came out great.  I wasn’t sure about hiring a kid to do it, but I told him what I wanted and he did exactly what I had in mind!  It was really amazing, and I showed it to the other guys before taking it to Lin.
  • It wasn’t easy to travel with.  I can’t teleport very far yet, so I had to walk with it.  I didn’t want the Magister to see it either so I had to sneak out of the school with it.  I don’t think anyone saw me leave, though Vyn and Sal knew I was going.  I thought about taking a hawkstrider, but I didn’t think that would work very well, not with a big painting to hold onto.
  • I think she really liked it.  She said it was nice.  I hope she hangs it up where she can see it and think about me.  
  • I think Tylenthis is jealous because she likes me more now.  She danced with him mostly at the spring ball, but she did dance with me.  Now she has a painting from me, and I bet he got her nothing.
  • I had some of the soup while I was there, but it wasn’t as good as Tik’s.  I couldn’t stay long though because I really didn’t want to get in trouble with Magister Fairsong.
  • I really think she likes me!
  • She pretended to like the painting.  She doesn’t like me, not like that.  Just as a friend.  I think she must like that ranger more than me, but she just doesn’t want to say it.
  • I don’t even know what to say.  She says she wants to be friends, but I don’t think that will work out very well because I want more, and just being around her, I want more.
  • She said I was too young.  My mother is 50 years older than my father, and Lin isn’t even that much older than me.  She kept saying it wouldn’t work out though.  I don’t know why she says that if she doesn’t even try.
  • I know there’s spells that affect the age of the caster, but I don’t know them.  I’ve heard of ones that they teach just before you go for testing, like they’re some secret only good mages get or something.  The only ones I heard of only keep the mage younger though, so that they can live longer.  I think there has to be one that makes the mage older, like a reverse of the staying young spell.
  • I asked Magister Fairsong, but he said, and I quote, “If such a spell existed, don’t you think I would have used it on myself?” Then he went on about how people assume he’s too young to be the headmaster of a school, and things like that.  Then he said that even if there was a spell, it would shorten lives, and probably wouldn’t be a very acceptable practice, because it’s just a spell on the body, not the brain too.  Apparently, if you age your body ten years, you can’t gain ten years of experience living.  I guess he’s right about that.
  • He also talked to me about my book money.  He wrote to my parents.  I didn’t tell him he could do that!  Now I feel stupid because I spend it all on a painting that she hates because it has my stupid, too-young face in it.  I didn’t tell him that though.  He said my parents said they gave me the money for the books.  I told him I lost it, and he gave me that look, but I stuck to it and told him it was in my bags when I left Silvermoon, but not when I arrived here.
  • He finally agreed to let me do work around the school to pay off the books.  I’m supposed to wash dishes for Tik and keep the classrooms swept and clean.
  • So now I’m lying to my teachers too for her, and she doesn’t even want me.  I need to write home and lie to my parents as well.  The Magister will do it for me anyway, but this way they hear it first from me.


Dear Mother and Father,

Hi.  I wanted to write because Magister Fairsong said he told you about my book money, and I know you gave it to me, and I was supposed to be careful, but somehow I lost it between Silvermoon and here.  The Magister has agreed to let me work for what I owe for the books, so you don’t have to send more.  I’m really sorry.

I was hoping to ask if you could get me back into my old school still.  I know you both mentioned that the headmaster said he might consider it, but I wanted to stay here, but now I’m not sure.  I’m really homesick after all.  I don’t want to be out here anymore, and I really want to come home.

– Keyalenn


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  1. Awwww no don’t go home Key 😦

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