Hethurin’s Notes

  • The work is almost done on the portal dust, or technically, it’s teleport dust, I guess, not portal dust.  It’s been difficult to work with because I need to convert it to a portal, and there wasn’t much of it to begin with.  I’m not looking forward to this next trip.  Terellion and Des will be going along too, and that worries me.  On the bright side, it’ll be easier to cast a portal and maintain the invisibility while walking through it than teleporting while maintaining it.  Des should do okay with that, and it’ll be easier for me too.
  • Luckily, Renner doesn’t think we’ll find anyone there, so that will be another good thing, kind of.  The same sort of spell was cast on the teleport that was used in the portal we found in Silvermoon.  Those crystals became useless before we could use them, but the spell on the teleport wasn’t as strong.  Renner thinks that in addition to making the crystals useless, the spell made time pass in the destination.  He thinks that’s how the alternate me went undetected with Vaildor for about ten years.  He also said it’s a very powerful spell, and that my alternate self was probably very weak, as far as magic goes, after casting such a spell.  It’s complicated, but the extra time he gained from casting the spell must have given him enough time to rest.
  • I wore myself out a few times.  I don’t like the headache and the tiredness.  I can’t imagine casting a spell so powerful that the side effects last for years.
  • Anyway, this is a lesser version of the spell.  He probably wanted to put some time between leaving Vaildor here and going wherever he went, but he may still be recovering from the bigger spell.  Otherwise, he could just cast a bigger one again.  Still, it may be difficult tracking him past wherever this portal will lead, as time has already passed there, he may have left quite some time before we arrive.  I’ll have to be careful about finding where he may have made his teleport.  There’s usually some residual energy from it left in the dust, and if I’m looking for it, I might be able to find it.
  • Honestly, Vallindra is better at that than I am, but there’s no way I’m asking her to help!  Besides, there’s already too many people going.  She’d probably say no anyway.  She’s too busy finding magical energy in the dirt.
  • Otherwise, things are going well.  Classes have started again and everyone is back for the summer term.  There is some concern about Keyalenn’s book money.  He said he had it but he lost it, so now he can’t pay for his books that he needs for the summer.  He wants to do work to pay for them.  I told him that I would think about it.  I’m going to write to his parents, and let them know.  I probably will let him help Tik to pay for the books though.  I know Tik is overwhelmed sometimes with both the meal preparation and the housework.  Terellion is busy much of the time too, and Lilithel is usually at the stable or working in the garden.
  • Speaking of Lilithel, she had lost her cat for a few days.  We kind of all knew what happened because the cat was really round just before disappearing.  Tik found her.  Muffins is a dad!  Cheddar, Lilithel’s cat, found a spot in the cellar behind some things in storage near the wine racks.  She and her three little kittens are staying there for now, because their eyes aren’t open yet.  We’ll make sure she brings them upstairs once they can move around better and can see.
  • We need to start finding homes for them.

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