Vallindra’s Notes

  • Sanimir has agreed to allow me on his property to remap the ley-lines there.  I have to check in at the school upon my arrival in the morning, and tell his butler where I’ll be on the grounds each day, and for how long.  I don’t mind doing so if it means I can get the maps updated.  The property is big enough that there are more than a few ley-lines crossing it, and I have no doubt that some of them have made gradual shifts.
  • It was an interesting supper at his school.  I had been invited there.  I thought it might be some childish trap, but it wasn’t.  The food was good, and I got some news on my family.  The biggest news is that my parents are supposedly apart for good.  It has happened a few times before that mother left to stay with our aunt for some time.  The thing that’s different about this time is that my father has sold the house, and moved into a smaller place.  That makes it rather final, I think.
  • Lani is getting married.  I was sure that she finally gave in to mother, but Hethurin and one of his students insisted she had met him on her own.  I still find that hard to believe.  Maybe it doesn’t work and he doesn’t care that she’s a prude.
  • Oh and Nessna has moved in with the ranger captain.  That didn’t take long.  I wonder if Vessen’s family knows?
  • Anyway, I’m just glad he agreed to let me on the property to remap the lines.  I’m trying to work quickly just in case he changes his mind.  That said, I have had some distractions.  Most of them come from the Magister before I leave in the morning.  He worries too much sometimes.  I assure him that I’ll be fine on my own, and I am.  I’ve run into a few random undead things.  One was almost only a skeleton.  I think another used to be a murloc.  That one smelled really bad.  I saw one of the large cats that roam the woods from a distance, and I’ve seen a few bats.  I’ve not seen any spiders yet, though I know they reach extraordinary sizes here.
  • Then there’s the imp.  I knew it was there before I saw it.  I was working just south of the school, rather close actually.  I could see that crazy dragon statue gleaming out front.  I heard something rustling in the dead leaves under a bush.  It was then I saw its eyes looking right at me.  I knew exactly what it was then.  I didn’t have much time to figure out what I was going to do.  It had already decided it would attack me with a fire bolt.  I’ve never actually used a spell to take direct control of someone else’s demon before, but I have helped the Magister do so in that old draenei temple, and that was with a pitlord.  I cast the spell and commanded the imp to stop his cast.
  • It worked.
  • Unfortunately nothing else works.  The imp won’t talk and won’t take me to where his master sent him from.  He’s not one of ours.  I’m pretty sure he’s not Kes’s or Aeramin’s either.  He won’t say what he was doing at the school.
  • Perhaps the Magister will have some ideas on how to get it to talk.

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