Hethurin’s Notes

  • I met with my father before the weekend ended.  He knew.  I think Lani told him, but what’s more, he believes it.  Of course, no one told me, so he got mad that I tried to lie to him about Vaildor being mine.  Really mad.
  • We did talk though, after he got through lecturing me.  I don’t think he quite believes how, but he said he would have to accept it because there’s no other explanation.  He seemed irritated anyway.
  • He did agree that taking Vaildor to be with him in Silvermoon would be a mistake because none of us want mother finding out, and that since Vaildor does have family here to take care of him, he could stay in the Ghostlands.  Lani still wants to officially adopt him because father wants to say he’s just an orphan from that area.  An orphan with the same name as my brother, and a resemblance, but maybe that could be the reason she wants to adopt him.
  • Father said it was best to keep him away from mother because she would “mess up another one”.  I think that means I’m messed up.  I don’t know why.  I feel okay now, mostly.  I spoke with Sath’alor and Kes the other night and he said we’re all messed up.  If that’s true, then there’s really no hope for Vaildor.
  • There are some things bothering me, but I don’t think they’re related to being messed up, at least not messed up by myself.  I guess I really do need to talk to Terellion, but I don’t want to because I’m afraid he’ll leave me.  It was different when Vaildor first came here.  I could agree with Terellion on most things, but now I know I’m his brother, and I feel a little responsible for it too, even if it really wasn’t my fault.  I had to stand there and watch it happen, and now he’s here and we can’t take him back.  Some of the students have agreed to help tutor him, though I’m telling everyone that he’s just an orphan from the Ghostlands; everyone except whoever sees the papers when Lani takes them to adopt him.  I’m still getting the fake papers that will say I’m his father, and I’ll sign whatever I need to sign so that she can prove his one living parent is unwilling to care for him.  The papers will claim his mother is dead.
  • We’ve all agreed to tell everyone else the orphan story.
  • Terellion’s still upset though.  He doesn’t like Vaildor at all.  I suggested that Vaildor could help in the kitchen in payment for his tutoring, and Terellion really didn’t like that.  I think I’ll keep Vaildor’s work in the library where he can arrange the books.  It’ll be good practice for him to read the titles and keep them in order.
  • Anyway, I thought he left one night over it and I tried to follow him.  I took one of the hawkstriders because I thought I could check the road faster that way.  It went too fast.  I don’t really know how to ride.  It stopped, abruptly, in town and I fell off.  I landed on my butt, in the mud because it was raining out too.  I led the hawkstrider as I walked north out of town, but it really hurt a lot so I sat a few times.  Then he came looking for me, I guess, because he came from the south while I was sitting and said he wanted a portal back home to the school.  We didn’t talk about it because we were both so tired then.  My butt got a nasty bruise from where I landed, and my robes were a mess.  Luckily, Tik was able to clean the robes.
  • The next day I had a lot of work to do.  Maybe it was on purpose.  Okay, it was on purpose.  I guess I’m kind of mad too.  I don’t know how to make him see that I’m not going to just abandon my brother.  I don’t know if I can make this better.
  • He’s going to leave.
  • I figure the longer I can avoid talking to him about it, the longer it’ll be until he leaves.
  • Anyway, I went to bed late that night.  Well, I didn’t go to bed.  I slept on the sofa.  He tried to wake me up and get me to come to bed, but I told him we needed to talk and hadn’t yet, and I was too tired to talk right then.  He went back to bed.  I cried.
  • I don’t like crying.
  • The next day, I had classes to teach.  After the classes, I had to check on Renner.  We haven’t been able to reconstruct a portal from the teleportation yet, but Renner thinks there was something odd about the spell my alternate self used.  I wouldn’t know.  We couldn’t hear it right because of the ward he cast right before it to mask his words.
  • After I saw Renner, I decided it was time for a vacation.  I went to Booty Bay for a week. Well, it was a week for me.  It was a few hours for everyone here.  I got a tan and my bruise faded.  I caught a lot of fish too, but I let most of them go.  Tik was surprised with the ones I brought back, but those were only from my last day of being there.  I made sure I came back exhausted and ready for bed by waking up early that morning.  I left the fish for Tik and told him I was going to bed.  He asked if I meant the sofa.
  • I meant the sofa.
  • It’s comfortable, at least.

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