Aeramin’s Notes

  • Things have, in fact, happened while I was away.  I came back to an imp being kept in Hethurin’s stable.  Who the hell keeps an imp in their stable?  At least it was frozen, and warded.  It believed Hethurin was its master, which is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.  It had to be the most stupid imp to ever come out of the nether.  It would have been amusing if it hadn’t been kept at the school.

  • Anyway, he showed it to me after I finished with my classes this week.  They all did the work I asked them to, so I was correcting it when Hethurin came to see me.  Maerista did okay with teaching the classes.  She’s further ahead than the others, and was the logical choice to step in for me while I was away.  Anyway, he had some other things he wanted to talk about first.

  • Apparently, he’s studying chronomancy, which could get him in a lot of trouble if he’s not careful, and it seems he’s already not careful.  He said it was an alternate timeline where he kidnapped his brother or something.  Anyway, the kid is here now and staying with his sister, who wants to adopt him.  Hethurin’s going to tell everyone that he’s the father and he’s going to let Lani adopt, but he needs papers to prove he’s the father and that the mother is gone.  He asked me to help with that, and gave me the gold for it.  Hopefully, Kes remembers where she got the papers for Hethurin when we hid him with a changed name.  They worked well enough to convince an entire town that his real name is Hethurin Fairsong.

  • So there’s that, then there’s the imp.  Hethurin seemed less concerned that there was an imp in his stable than he did about the whole brother thing.  He said dragons weren’t coming for him, and if he knows that for sure, I’d be more worried about the imp, if I were him.

  • He was keeping it in the hay loft, behind somethings and warded.  I still can’t figure out if being stupid was an act or just its natural state, but I couldn’t learn much from it.  It did say something about more coming.  It clarified that it meant more imps upon being questioned about it.  When I asked where the imps were coming from it said they were coming from ‘old master’.  I banished it at the end of questioning it.  I don’t think Hethurin felt comfortable keeping it there.  I didn’t either.

  • I’m tempted to stay out here a few days, but I guess it’s easier to teleport.  I’d miss Im if I were out here too long.  I do need to talk to the others soon though.

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