On the Beach

Aeramin Firewind sipped his cold drink as he lounged in the chair under an umbrella on the beach of a small, private island off the south coast of Pandaria.  It was quiet here, and they had jumped on the chance to rent a small cottage on one of the islands for a few weeks.  The price was right and the smaller islands had no one else on them.  That allowed them to fully enjoy each other’s company on the beach with no fear of onlookers.  Aeramin had paid in other ways though.  The local pandaren had taken to calling him ‘Huo’ during the first week of their stay.  He later found out that the name referred to one of their fire spirits.  He always had burned quite easily, but it seemed to happen even faster here.  Imralion was the one who had insisted on putting up the umbrella, and setting up the chair underneath it.  Aeramin hadn’t been staying under it all of the time though, and was still quite red.

Imralion was lucky to have darker skin, which had gotten darker since their arrival to the beach.  He had left this morning to get food and ice from the small town nearby where they had rented the island cottage.

Aeramin could see a small boat approaching, and covered himself, just in case.  As the boat neared, he could see Imralion’s coppery hair shimmering in the sun.  He relaxed once more, and let his towel slip off as he sipped his drink again.  He watched as Imralion got out of the boat and tied it to their small dock.

Imralion took a bag of things into the small cottage they were staying in, and quickly returned to the beach.  “Are you trying to distract me?” Imralion smiled as he jogged towards Aeramin.  He held some papers in his hand.  He sat under the umbrella next to Aeramin’s chair and handed him the papers.  They were letters.  “These came for you.”

Aeramin took the letters.  There were a couple from Kestrae and a couple from Hethurin.  Aeramin frowned, hesitating to open them.  “Did they have more ice in town?”

Imralion nodded, “I got some.  I put it away already.”

“My drink is getting warm, and I don’t wish to aggravate my burn anymore.  Would you get some ice for me, please?”

Imralion glanced at the letters.  Aeramin could tell by the look on his face that Imralion knew he wanted to read them in private.  He could also tell that Imralion wasn’t too happy about it, but after a moment he grabbed the drink.  “Sure.  I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

Aeramin waited until Imralion was about halfway to the building before opening the first letter, one from Kestrae.  She had said it was something she had overheard others talking about, but he knew better.  A demon had been found in the Ghostlands.  A small demon, an imp, but still a demon.  It wasn’t any that they were familiar with.  He could have told them that.  Still, the fact that it was found was something.  The next part made his sit up straight in his chair.  The rangers had taken it to the school, and it was being kept on the school grounds.  He quickly opened one of Hethurin’s letters.  It said the same thing, though more directly, and begged him to come back to help deal with it.  He glanced back at the cottage just in time to see Imralion come out the door with a drink in his hand.

He waited as Imralion walked over and sat next to him, handing him the drink.


“We have to end our trip a few days early.”

“I was afraid you’d say that.  Can we wait until tonight?  I’d like to watch the sunset one more time with you here.”

Aeramin nodded, “I’d like that too.”


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