Hethurin’s Notes

  • I’m worried.  I’m usually worried about things, but right now, I’m exceptionally worried.  The kid who was left in my room is at Lani’s place now.  She doesn’t seem to mind.  I think she still thinks that he’s mine, and she doesn’t realize the possible danger of having him there, but at the same time, he apparently broke his leg again, and how angry would his father be if he came back and we weren’t taking care of him?  I don’t think I can take that chance either.

  • Anyway, I guess something happened while Des was watching him and he complained that it hurt too much and she took him to see Lani, then Lani said she needed to keep him there to make sure he was healing okay.  He probably did something on purpose.

  • None of it sits very well with me.  There’s a powerful mage out there, who looks like me, and probably is me, but from another timeline.  And he left this kid here without any instructions.  A little note would have done wonders, like, ‘Oh, watch him for a few weeks, thanks!’

  • Of course, then I did find letters.  It was my first time really going to an alternate reality.  Renner was with me, but he went outside to look around while I checked in the house they had stayed in before they came here.  I found the letters under the bed upstairs.  It turns out, my alternate self isn’t the kid’s father either!  So now we don’t know who the boy is really, and going by how some of the letters were started, I’m not sure the guy will be coming back, but if he does, I really don’t want him angry at me.

  • So I took everyone to the city to shop.  I told the students that I thought everyone should have some nice mage robes, real mage robes, and that I was buying.  They really can’t complain if I’m buying.  I let them pick their own robes out too.  Terellion, Tik and Lilithel also came along.  I thought it would be good if they had good armor.  Terellion really knows why.  I told Tik and Lilithel that they had to double as guards for the estate.  I think Tik might have questioned it in his head, but he didn’t say anything.  He did refuse to get a new sword.  He said the one he has now is the one he’s used to and it’s the one he will continue to use.

  • Both Tik and Lilithel preferred the lighter armor.  Lilithel wanted a bow instead of a sword.  She said she had some training with both, years ago, but felt more comfortable with the bow.  They wandered off to look at leather armor together, while I stayed with Terellion.  His new set is going to be amazing on him.  He picked out a really nice sword too.

  • He was trying things on and I was wandering around the market nearby when one of the vendors showed me some glasses.  I’d never seen glasses like these before!  He said they would protect my eyes.  I asked what they would protect my eyes from and he had a whole list of things.  Dust, bright mage spells, mage spells cast at me… oh and I can look at the sun without going blind!  I bought the fanciest pair.  They sparkle.

  • I gave everyone time to visit home while we were there too.  I think almost everyone has family in Silvermoon.  Tik and Lilithel went to have coffee together because I guess neither of them has anyone here.

  • Anyway, now everyone is ready in case the other me comes back and is mad about anything.  I guess they would be more prepared if I told them, but I don’t want anyone freaking out either.

  • I guess they would freak out if they knew what was in the loft in the stable too.  I’m a bit freaked out about that myself.  The other night, Tylenthis stopped by with a bag, and said he found something near one of the ziggurats.  Turns out that something was an imp!  I was able to freeze it before it caused any trouble.  It’s hidden in the loft in the stable.  I have it properly warded, so I don’t think anyone will find it there.

  • I was hoping Aeramin would return from his trip soon, and I could ask him about it then.  However, Tik informed me that Kestrae and Ordinicus are visiting and taking one of the guest rooms, so I don’t have to wait for Aeramin.  I can just ask Kes.

  • A lot of things are going on all at once.  I don’t think the glasses will be enough to protect me if something goes wrong.

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  1. … but they sparkle! 😀

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