Alternate Realities

Hethurin Fairsong watched anxiously as Renner covered the windows in his practice room.  “Do you think we’ll find any clues?” he asked as the last window was covered.  He quickly conjured a globe of light while waiting for Renner’s answer.

“I hope so.  We’ll find out soon enough.  I’d rather proceed this way than to jump right into other realities without knowing what’s there first.”

Hethurin nodded, and turned the hourglass and cast the spell to start the vision.  There hadn’t been much residue left from the portal that had appeared in his room, and for a moment he thought there wasn’t enough to proceed with the vision, but then the image of a different room started appearing around him.

“This is my sister’s house.  The kid said they usually stay there.” Hethurin remarked.  It was decorated differently here, but the layout of the house was the same as the one at the bottom of the hill next to the stable.  Again, there were drawings posted on the walls, similar to the ones that had been in the previous vision, but not the same ones.  “This is where they came from, not where he went to.  I don’t think the kid is from this timeline.  Can we just put him back here anyway?”

“He doesn’t belong here either.”

Hethurin frowned as he looked over what he could see.  It was a vision so he couldn’t touch anything, but he hoped something was left where he could spot it.  He wandered to the small house’s kitchen.  “He left in a hurry.  There’s food left out.”

Renner joined him, regarding the vegetables out on the cutting board.  Some had been chopped, but others hadn’t.  “But you said the boy was sleeping when you first found him, right?”

Hethurin nodded, “He was just waking up.  My alternate self, or the person who looked like me, dragged him to my sofa and left him there.”


Hethurin frowned in thought.  It was possible, but unlikely the other mage was cooking in the middle of the night.  He looked again at the vegetables, but not for very long.  Something outside the window over the cutting board caught his attention.  “Renner…”  He trailed off as he pointed at the large bronze shape near the stable.

Renner frowned as well as he looked, “Get us closer.”

Hethurin cast the spell to move the vision outside near the stable.  There, a medium-sized bronze drake lay on his side.  “Is it…”  Dead.  He knew it was.  Something this large would certainly need to take a breath now and then.  It definitely wasn’t breathing.

Renner nodded and quietly answered, “He’s dead.  Judging from his injuries, it was mostly magical damage done to him.”

“He’s not you, right?  Is he from our reality?”

“He’s not me.  It’s hard to say in a vision where he’s from.”  Renner paused as he looked around.  “You can end this vision now.”

Hethurin cast the spell to end it and conjured the globe of light to light the room while Renner went to one of his shelves, and removed a scroll.  “I want you to study these spells.  Don’t use any of them yet.  Also, if you can, practice undoing your wards.  I’d like to try going for real, soon.”

Hethurin took the scroll and nodded.


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