The Stake

Hernester ducked as another book flew towards his head.

“Those elves!  Those loathsome, meddling elves!”

Hernester honestly couldn’t remember what they had done this time, but Master Bartlan was certainly upset about whatever it was.  He ducked again as another book flew his direction.

“Can’t they keep to themselves?  Why do they have to interrupt my research now?”  Bartlan picked up one of the stakes on the table.  It looked like one end had been shoved in the ground.

Hernester paused as he thought about the stake.  They looked familiar.  Oh yes, he had brought some just like those to Master Bartlan earlier.  No, that wasn’t right.  Master Bartlan was with him.  He had carried them.

“Do you know what this is, Hernester?  Do you?”  Master Bartlan held the stake up, shaking it in the air.

“A stake, sir.”

“It’s an invitation to war, Hernester.  That’s what it is.”

Hernester paused.  That’s not the way it was, was it?  “Aren’t they allies, sir?”

Bartlan continued as if Hernester hadn’t spoke, “How dare they mark my ley-line?  They’ve been in the ziggurat as well.  They will pay!”

Hernester ducked as the stake flew his direction.

“Don’t just stand there, you mindless sack of bones.  Get out there and watch the ziggurat.  I need to know who’s poking around my business.”

Hernester scurried out of the house.  Watch the ziggurat.  He could do that.  He started down the path away from the house.


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