Valentine’s 1

(( I have a few more of these planned for this week.  This is just the beginning! ))

Tik had taken to smiling back at Lilithel when she smiled at him.  He was still unsure if it was merely a friendly gesture, or if she was smiling because she liked him.  He was still unsure about himself, too.  It had been years since he had a lover, and she had been the only one he had ever known.  He didn’t know if he was ready or not to move on.

He had told the confessor that she would have, and he believed it was true.  Of course she would have.  Death wasn’t even needed in her case.  Her husband had been alive and well all the while.

Tik was startled when Lilithel stopped and walked up to him on one of her trips through the kitchen.

“Are you busy tonight?” she asked.

“I am.  I’ve had a few requests for private suppers.  Was there something you needed help with?”

She frowned slightly, but quickly put on a smile again, “No, I’ll be all right.  Maybe you’ll be free another evening.”  She turned and walked out of the kitchen.

Tik went back to his work.


Hethurin Fairsong was sure what he wanted to get for Terellion as a special gift for the holiday.  He had recently learned to bring someone with him to the past, and a night out with Terellion did sound like fun.  Of course he had to check with Renner first, but supper in Dalaran sometime during the next week sounded good.  He knew the perfect place, and if he went before he had started studying there, then there would be no chance of running into his younger self.

For tonight, he had asked Tik to serve a special dinner in the room.  There was a table and two chairs there.  It would be a romantic supper by the fire.  Hethurin had caught the fish in Northrend by himself.  He thought those were the best fish.  He hoped Terellion would like it.


Perothis wandered through the stalls at the market in Silvermoon city.  He hadn’t been sure what to get for Desdeyliri, but after speaking to his mother about it, he had a little more direction.  His mother had asked what she liked.  She liked magic, of course.  She was studying it, but he had no idea how to pick out books for her on the subject.  He had actually tried going to look at the books, but left the bookshop more confused than he was when he went in.  His mother had then asked what else she liked.  Dresses.  Robes.  But Perothis didn’t have a lot of money to spend, and anything she had was already better than what he could buy.

Then his mother asked if she liked tea.  Of course she likes tea.  Everyone likes tea.  Even being in a boarding school for magic students, a girl should have her own tea set, according to his mother.  And so, off he went to find the perfect tea set for the girl who intrigued him so much.

He came upon the tea shop, and found a variety of sets, as well as some teas.  Buying the tea was fairly easy.  The woman running the shop was full of suggestions.  He wound up getting some that was from in Quel’Danas.  Perhaps the magic of the sunwell had infused itself to its leaves!  He couldn’t think of a better tea for a magic student.

The set was proving more difficult.  Many of them were flowery, most to the point of being gaudy with bright pink flowers and green leaves painted all over.  He personally couldn’t see how anyone would like that.  There was one set with naked men painted inside the cups, which he thought was funny, but not a very appropriate gift for the holiday.

There was one that caught his eye.  The tea-pot had a dragon head on the spout and the handle was shaped as the dragon’s tail.  Little blue flowers were painted along the bottom of it and another dragon snaked along the opposite side, it’s head being part of the pot’s lid.  The cups and saucers were decorated similarly.  It was perfect.


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