Tik looked up and glanced towards the door as it opened.  Lilithel had been working on cleaning the floors today, which included taking the rugs out to the garden to beat them.  It was one of the tasks that needed to be finished before the students returned from their trip to Shattrath, and she had been back and forth through the kitchen for most of the afternoon.

She smiled as she passed him on her way through the kitchen.  He smiled back.  They had exchanged smiles all day, but only a few words.  This morning she had asked what breakfast would be, and had informed him that she would be a little late for it as she wanted to check on the animals first.  She mentioned hearing some noise outside during the night, and wanted to make sure they were okay when there was enough light.  He had kept her food warm, and asked if everything was fine when she returned.  It was.  He didn’t blame her for waiting for daylight to check on them.  The Ghostlands were least welcoming at night.

He turned back to the sink to finish washing the dishes, and watched as she left the room out of the corner of his eye.  He wanted to talk to her more.  As he had told the confessor, he did find her attractive, and he thought that she might be interested.  However, each time he had the chance to talk to her today, he decided he wasn’t quite sure enough.  What if she didn’t like him, and she was just being friendly?  Asking her to eat supper by candlelight would be more than a friendly gesture, and things could get awkward fast if she wasn’t interested.

He dried the last dish and put it away.  It wouldn’t hurt to wait a bit.  He was sure it wasn’t the last time the Magister would take the students and Terellion to Shattrath.  There would be time to get to know her a little bit better before asking anything that she may not like.

He glanced again towards the door as it opened.  She carried another rolled up rug to the other door, once more, flashing him a smile.  He smiled back as he headed towards the dining room.  He had other work to finish before the students returned.



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