Aeramin’s Notes and Letter

  • The bruise is mostly faded.  It’s that ugly greenish color that bruises usually go before they completely fade away.  Im hasn’t noticed.  I have made excuses not to bath with him over the past week.  He hasn’t figured out that they’re just excuses.  I hope it goes away completely soon.  I like bathing with him.

  • My father has been passing out on the couch, rather than going to the inn.  I don’t mind, but I think he bothers Imralion.  Well, I know he bothers Imralion.  Im hasn’t had to deal with him before.  Arancon can say whatever he wants to me, and usually, I just let it bounce off.  Im isn’t used to that.  I try not to leave them alone together too much, but it can’t be helped on days I have to teach.  Im could come with me, but that leaves Arancon here alone.  That’s not a good idea until we leave.

  • I still don’t know when we’re leaving.  Yappy has been useless in getting more information.  I might have to summon him to get anything useful.

  • I need to write to Kes.

  • I brought back food the other night from the school.  I’m a good cook, but I think Tik’s better than I am.  Im doesn’t say it like that, but he does love the food from the school, so I’m pretty sure he likes it more too.

  • I’m worried that he might miss girls too much.  He knows, from conversations with my father, that I’ve had girlfriends before.  I know he’s been with them before too.  We were talking a bit about it while eating the other night.  He asked me if I ever missed it.  I honestly don’t, but he seems to.  I’m open-minded about it, but I worry that if he gets a girlfriend, or we get a girlfriend, that she’ll come between us.

  • If he really wants to, I won’t say no.



Hello.  I wanted to let you know that things are going well here in the Ghostlands.  I’m still teaching at the school, and working on my father’s house.  The house is almost done.  We’re doing some decorative work on some of it, and it’s looking good.  I’ve never fixed a house before so it’s been quite the experience, and I feel accomplished now that it’s almost done.

I’m holding off a bit on returning to Shattrath.  Have you seen Vallindra or Xanaroth lately?  Someone told me that they may be out here.  There’s someone else out here too, but my source wasn’t clear about that, and has been unable to get any new information.  I’m probably poking around things that I shouldn’t be poking around, and I should probably just forget it and leave it as it is, but I would not be able to forgive myself if I went back to Shattrath and something happened while I was away.

How is everything in Shattrath?  How is Ordinicus?  Tell him I said hi.  I told my students about being rescued by Harkin after being attacked by a demon in Outland.  I think they were impressed because I’m still alive.  Hethurin is taking them to Shattrath soon, so you might see them there.  I should ask him to bring some pie back.  I miss that place.

Anyway, I thought I’d let you know why I’m not back yet, and let you know that things are mostly fine.  If you hear from Xan or Vallindra, please let me know.

– Aeramin


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