Aeramin’s Notes

  • The house is technically done.  My father could move in and Imralion and I could go back to Shattrath, but I’ve found created more things to do.  Imralion might question it, and I don’t know what I’ll tell him yet, but I think my father will appreciate a little decorative work being done on the moldings and such.

  • Well, probably not.

  • I had to think of something though.  I do want to go back.  I was ready to go back, but things happened.  Actually, I should be running back now, but for some reason, I feel like I should be here, just for a bit longer.

  • It started this morning.  Im and I have been staying in the house.  My father is still staying at the inn, but he wanders over daily to tell me how horrible I am and all the things I’ve done wrong.  Anyway, today was no exception.  I had just asked Imralion to go pick up some food supplies from Silvermoon, figuring we’d be going soon and it would probably be good to leave my father with some food until I can make sure someone’s bringing him some.  Arancon stumbled into the kitchen through the back door right after Im left.

  • I was in the kitchen at the time, washing the dishes from breakfast.  He started going into how I was trying to starve him by not inviting him to breakfast, which isn’t true.  He’d be welcome to join us if he woke up on time, but I realize that won’t ever happen, so I don’t bother asking.  I conjured some toast for him.  He threw a fit about that too.

  • It was while he was throwing his fit that he saw the box of paints that Imralion gave to me for Winter’s Veil.  He started talking about those, asking me where I got them and what I intend to do, and telling me that I’d never amount to anything.  He kept talking about how it was such a waste of time and money, and how my mother could never sell any of her trash.

  • Normally, I try not to let him get to me.  Over the past week alone, he’s blamed me for her death, said I wasn’t taking care of her, and claimed she died lost and alone, none of which is true.  I did everything I could for her, and I only brought her with me because he wasn’t able to take care of her.  I can handle him talking about me that way, but when he starts talking about her and her work.  I guess I get a little angry.

  • I told him to shut up, which started a shit storm.  He started yelling, threw his toast at me, told me I had no right to disrespect him, and just kept going on and on.  At one point, he got out of his chair and lunged at me, pinned me against the wall and was yelling in my face.  He said I was worthless garbage. I told him to look at himself.  He punched me.

  • Luckily, he hurt his hand, so it stopped there.  Despite being useless, I was able to get him a bowl of cold water for his hand.  I hid the paints, then left the house for a bit.  I didn’t want him messing with them while I was gone, and frankly, since the mess he made a few weeks ago, I don’t like leaving him there alone at all.  However, I did want to find something to cover my bruise before Im got back, so I made a quick trip to the general store to see if they had any powder.

  • They had a small selection of make up.  While I was trying to match powder to my skin, I heard him.  Yappy.  The imp has been bothersome as of late because I haven’t summoned any of them since I came to the Ghostlands to work on the house.  Yappy is a bit anxious that I’ll forget to return to Shattrath, and Outland, and thus I’ll forget to summon them.  No matter how much I assure him that isn’t the case, he still contacts me at least once a day, so it was no surprise that I heard him.

  • So there I was with a black eye, looking at makeup and having a conversation with an imp in my head.  Of course he asked what the makeup was for.  I let him know the truth.  Yappy said to burn him, to which I replied that I can’t, he’s my father.  I also let him know that I didn’t want his advice.  I started to tell him to be quiet, when he interrupted, and said he had news.  I figured it probably wouldn’t pertain to me, but I let him go on while I continued trying to match my skin color to powder.

  • I didn’t expect him to tell me that Xanaroth and Vallindra were in the Ghostlands too, at least, according to their imps, they are.

  • And that’s according to my imp.  I’m not sure how much imp gossip can be trusted, but that wasn’t all.  Yappy says there’s others here too.  It was then that I decided the moldings needed some decorative work done.  We could paint little floral designs or something.  I’d like to be here a bit longer to investigate a few things.

  • I want to find out why Vallindra is living so close to her brother.  I made a promise to protect him, and just because we’re not together anymore, doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten my promise.  I could warn Terellion if there is any real reason to worry, but I think it’s best to see if there is anything to worry about first.  Yappy is going to try to get directions to where they’re staying so that I can get there, and pay a friendly visit.  I have the feeling Xanaroth wouldn’t allow her to do anything to Sanimir, or, at least, he wouldn’t take part in it, if she did.  So a friendly visit is hopefully all it needs to be.

  • I would be curious if they knew of other summoners in the area.  Yappy said there was an imp named Ziprik, or Pipbutt, or Dimwit or something.  So there’s at least one other summoner in the area.  Are there more?  Does Xanaroth know of them?  Have they met?  Why are they here?

  • Imralion hasn’t noticed my bruise.  I guess I matched the color right.  He might think something is wrong though because I did try to keep my face turned, just in case.  I didn’t want him to notice the powder or the slight swelling.  Hopefully, the bruise fades fast.  I’ll talk to him soon about staying longer to decorate a little more.

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