Fairsong Academy Winter Break


Tik held his breath suppressing a sigh before setting his duster down.  He walked out of the library, through the hallway and into the sitting room.  “Magister, is there something I can do for you?”

“Tik!  There you are.  I thought I lost you.”  The magister exclaimed.  His hair was still wet from his bath, and he wore a simple robe.  He carried some wet towels in one hand.

Tik raised a brow as he replied, “I was dusting the shelves in the library, Magister.  I don’t think you have to worry about me going anywhere, so there’s no need to think I’m lost.”

“Oh, I’m so relieved I found you!  Here, I brought my towels down instead of leaving them upstairs on the floor by the bath.”

Tik took the towels.  “Of course.  Thank you, Magister.  I will do the laundry after I’m finished in the library.”  He turned to go back to the library, bringing the towels with him.  He heard footsteps following him.  He held his breath again, suppressing another sigh.  He had so much work to finish while the students were gone.  While he normally wouldn’t mind so much, he didn’t have time to entertain the Magister with all the work that needed to be done.  He remembered what his mother had told him when he was younger, keep your employer healthy and happy for without them, you can’t make a living.  Tik briefly wondered if entertainment or housework being done would make him happier, but there were also the students to consider.  After all, without them, the Magister wouldn’t make a living.  The students needed to come back to a clean school, not an entertained Magister.  Tik set the towels on one of the tables and resumed dusting as the Magister followed him into the room.

“Did we get the supplies to fix the stairs yet?” the Magister asked as he plopped down on one of the sofas.

“They arrived in town yesterday on special order from Silvermoon.  I picked them up while you were visiting your friends in Shattrath, Magister.”

“Oh, good.  Will you start soon?” the Magister asked as he picked some cat hair off the sofa cushions.

Tik frowned slightly, watching out of the corner of his eye as the Magister dropped the cat hair on the floor.  He’d have to find a way to encourage Muffins to sleep somewhere else, as well as properly clean the cushions… and sweep again.  “I was planning to start after Terellion returned.  I figured it would go faster with his help.” At this point he wasn’t sure if Terellion would help more with the repairs to the stairs to the attic, or if just keeping the Magister occupied would be a better option.

“How soon do you think they’ll be ready?  I want to put the sign up in town and in Silvermoon soon.”

“The stairs will be finished soon.  The rooms themselves may need a little work yet.  We won’t know until we can get up there safely.  I did check them when I fixed the roof, but that was years ago, Magister.  We’ll know soon enough.  The stairs shouldn’t take long.”

The Magister nodded.  “As soon as the rooms are ready then.  We’ll have to work on the last two practice rooms soon as well.  Is there enough room in the cellar to put everything?”

“I’m sure there will be, Magister.  Did you finish correcting the tests for the current students already?”

“No.  I should go do that.  Oh, by the way, have you seen Muffins?” the Magister asked as he got up.

“I just left some food for him in the kitchen not too long ago.  He may be there, Magister.”

“I’ll check there first.  Thanks, Tik.”  The Magister cast a spell and disappeared.

Tik continued to clean.  He had to get as much as he could done before the Magister came back.


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