Winter’s Veil

Lanthiriel Lightmist frowned at her sister.  “I can’t show you.  What if you tell?”

Her sister tilted her head and looked at her with a brow raised.  “Lani, I hardly even know him.  I’m not going to tell.  Besides, you told father and he’s more likely to tell than I am.”

“He didn’t tell you.”

“No, but father did tell me you like someone.”

Lani frowned again.  He had told Nessna that much.  She had been worried it would upset her if she knew.  Nessna had just lost her husband, and Lani didn’t want her to feel as though she was alone now.  Of course, she hadn’t told father not to tell her, so she could hardly blame him, and Nessna seemed to be taking it okay anyway.

“Well, what did you get him?”

A little too okay.

“I can’t tell you, Ness.  You’ll find out when he opens his gift.”  She turned to go back to the kitchen, missing her sister sticking her tongue out at her as she passed through the doorway.

She checked the stew.  She wasn’t the best cook, but it was hard to mess up stew.  Father had been with her on the quick trip to Silvermoon.  They had found a shop that didn’t really specialize in any one thing.  Clothing hung in one corner of the shop, while pots and pans hung on the walls.  There were three narrow aisles with shelves full of all sorts of objects.  Her father had commented that there was probably something for everyone, just in that one small shop.  She wasn’t sure, but she did find something for the Confessor.  She knew that he must keep notes on his patients.  She also knew how much nicer that was to do with a nice pen set.  She had found the boxed sets on one of the lower shelves near the back of one of the aisles.  It wasn’t necessarily a work-related gift either.  He could write whatever he wanted with it.  Her father had made her ears turn dark red when he told her to think of all of the love poems the Confessor could write with such a nice set.  She had gotten it and now it stayed hidden in her closet until she could give it to him.  She wasn’t about to tell Nessna.

She stirred the stew and placed the cover back on the pot. It was almost ready, and it was time to start preparing to eat.


Aeramin Firewind sunk into the bath and started scrubbing the paint off his skin with a soapy cloth.  He’d be glad when they were finally done fixing the house.  Luckily, it did seem like it would be soon, if his father could refrain from finding fault with everything they had done.

The work had gone much quicker with Imralion back from Kalimdor, even though he was distracting.  He was also a lot stronger and was able to move away the bigger pieces of rubble from the side of the house that had collapsed and was able to carry more supplies at once.  Aeramin shuddered when he thought of how much longer he’d be in the Ghostlands if it wasn’t for Imralion’s help.

However, having Imralion here with him did make it difficult to shop for a gift for him for Winter’s Veil.  He was able to fit in some holiday shopping during a recent trip for supplies.  He stopped at one of the jewelers near the Royal Exchange and found what he was looking for there.  It was a gold ring, inset with a red and black twisting design.  It cost him almost all he had on him at the time, but he knew it was the perfect ring for a blood knight.  He’d gotten away with only coming back with half of the supplies by saying they had been out of what they needed and he would have to go back the next day.

He stood up and got out of the bath.  He planned to give Imralion the ring after the ball.  He couldn’t wait to go.


Gaelardrim stood on the inn’s terrace overlooking the harbor one last time.  He’d be going soon.  Most of the rebuilding on the island was done, but there was work to find elsewhere.  He’d heard some talk of builders being needed in the Ghostlands, now that people were moving back there.  Apparently, there had been a recent surge of people moving back to the area, and there was more work than there was workers.  It sounded like the perfect place to settle, at least for the next few years.


Perothis pulled in his stomach and looked in the mirror once more.  He held one arm up and flexed.  He frowned slightly.  He had been invited to a ball.  It was in the Ghostlands, but he was eager to go all the same.  If his sister would shut up, he’d stop having doubts about going.  He glanced to the door.  Of course she was peeking.

“Idriel, I told you to leave me alone!”

“Pero has a girlfriend.  Pero has a girlfriend.”  Idriel laughed.

“I do not!  Not yet anyway.”

“You don’t have one because it looks like your face caught fire and someone tried to put it out with a pitchfork.  She only invited you so they’d have something to laugh at.”

“That’s not true.  Minn’da says I’m a handsome young man.”

Idriel laughed again.  “It’s a mage school, dummy.  Even if you were twice as smart, you’d still be dumb to all of them.”  She giggled as she darted away from the door.  Perothis could hear her run down the hallway.  He pulled the door shut and continued looking for the right outfit to wear.


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