Isturon’s Tea

Isturon Lightmist sat in the sitting room of Fairsong Academy as he drank his morning tea in front of the large fireplace.  He could hear his son speaking to his students in the classroom, but only just barely. He couldn’t make out what was being said, and he doubted he’d understand if he did. He held his cup up to his lips as he looked up out the large windows.  It was a warm morning, for the area.  He himself was used to much warmer mornings in the city, so despite it being warm, he had still shivered as he had walked down to the smaller house by the stables earlier in the morning, just as he had the previous day.  Two of his daughters were living in the small home now, though one of them was there only temporarily.  She had mentioned wanting to stay in the area in the future, so maybe she would be there for a longer time.  He was happy to see Nessna’s continued improvement with her injuries.  He had no doubt she would recover.  Lani had dutifully been helping her younger sister, both with her recovery, and her baby.

Isturon smiled a little.  Rylad’s personality was beginning to show and he certainly seemed to be a happy baby.  He had laughed so much this morning as he sat in a high chair with one of his toys.  He would drop it, and Isturon would pick it up for him.  He’d drop it again right after, often while looking right at Isturon, and laugh gleefully as Isturon picked it up once more.  Lani was concerned that he was spoiling the baby by playing along, but Isturon assured her that it was just a little game.

He had also been able to speak to Lani, semi-privately after having breakfast with them.  He had followed her to the kitchen and helped her with the dishes.  She had been strangely quiet, as she had the day before.  Yesterday, she had admitted that she had recently found out that someone liked her, though she felt he was just a friend.  Isturon found out later in the evening, while sitting at the dining table at the main house, that there was something else troubling her.  She liked someone else.  One of the students and a ranger from the area had told him as they waited for supper.  They said, after a bit of prying, that the one she liked was the Confessor in town.  Today, he had spent much of the morning trying to get her to admit to it on her own, but every time he asked if there was someone she liked, she insisted that things would be best if he picked someone for her.  At the end of his visit, he asked for the name of the man who said he liked her.  She hesitantly told him, Tylenthis, a ranger.  He turned to go, glancing back as he closed the door.  She was wiping her eyes.

He sipped his tea again before setting the cup down on the small table and leaning forward to write.

Confessor Morthorn,

I’d like to meet with you at your convenience over a matter of importance.  I will be staying at Hethurin’s estate for the next two weeks, so you may contact me here.  I can easily make it in to town if need be.  Let me know when is good for you.

– Isturon Lightmist


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