Aeramin’s Notes

  • We’re still in the Ghostlands.  I had hoped to go back home by now, but the house needs a lot more work than I first thought it did.  Some of the boards in the walls are rotting, as well as the ceiling.  I might as well say we’re building a whole new house.  At least it’s going faster with Imralion here.  He can pick up things that I couldn’t, and having someone I trust to hold the ladder is just so much more better than when I had to ask Arancon to do it.  He never tipped it over, but he would shake it.  I do wonder sometimes what makes him so hateful.  I’m not that bad.  I think I turned out fairly okay.  He doesn’t even know about things he could really hate me for.

  • Anyway, I’m used to it.  I don’t think Imralion is.  He doesn’t say much directly to Im, which is good.  I’d get angry if he did, but Im sees the way he treats me.  Im’s been an orphan most of his life, and now I feel like I’m breaking what his idea of family is.  Of course, I don’t think many families are happy all the time either, but they’re a lot better at pretending at it than my father is.

  • He’s been staying at the inn while we’re still knocking down walls and rebuilding them.  Unfortunately, he still wanders over to the house to “check on the progress”.  I’ve told him to stop doing that.  Technically, it’s my house.  I bought it and it’s in my name.  I’ll let him know when it’s done and he can move in.  The more he leaves us alone to work on it, the quicker it will be done.  There’s no reason for him to check on it.  It will be fine to live in when we’re done.  He still comes over anyway.  It’s funny how his injury keeps him from doing any work, but he can get around well enough to come over and make rude comments all of the time.

  • I thought about hiring extra people to get it done, but I think Im and I can handle it.  I’m trying to keep the cost down, but the way it’s going, it’ll cost more to repair than it’s really worth.  It’ll just be worse if I hire people as well.

  • My father has been drinking at the inn and charging the drinks to the room.  I’m paying for his drinking.  I’d mind less if he stayed in his room more.  I almost asked the innkeeper to stop serving him alcohol, but then he might trash the room or start a fight or something.  If the drinks keep him quiet for now, then I guess I can pay for them for another week or two.

  • Im and I have been staying at the inn occasionally too.  I prefer staying at the school.  The room at the school is a lot nicer than any of the rooms at the inn.  There’s a big bath in the room next to it, and the bed is so comfortable.  It’s warmer too.  There’s a fireplace right in the room.  I think a lot of the rooms at the school have them.  I’d hate to be the one making sure there’s enough wood to burn for the entire building, though I guess some of it is still closed off.  The upstairs looks fully occupied, but most of the southern section of the downstairs is still closed off.

  • I’m still giving the fire magic lessons there.  I’ve been told that some of the other students may wish to attend the class too.  He was talking about setting up a separate classroom for it.  I guess that’s okay as long as he doesn’t run out of rooms.

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