Aeramin’s Notes

  • Good news first.  Imralion’s back, and he’s fine.  He has a few scratches, but compared to what others have left with, scratches are nothing.  I’m so glad he’s back and in one piece.

  • He took long enough getting back.  He arrived in Tranquillien just as I was about to go to supper.  Instead of staying at the inn, we decided to go eat at the school because the food at the inn really isn’t that good.  It was his first night back, and he deserved better than what the Tranquillien inn has to offer.  We made the trip out to Sanimir’s school while it was still light.

  • Sanimir and Des ate with us.  The others must have been studying and taking their supper in their rooms, which I know he allows them to do.  Des stayed to talk with us a bit after eating while Sanimir ran off to find Terellion.  I’m glad he’s found someone.  It makes staying at the school with Im a lot easier.  I don’t have to worry about upsetting him.

  • Which is good, because I stalled.  I was supposed to go back to town the next day and work on my father’s house, but Im just got back and I convinced him that he needed to rest an extra day before going to work.  Of course, I stayed with him.  I made breakfast for him and brought it up and everything.  The kitchen is really far from the guest room that we’re staying in.

  • The room is nice.  The bed is big enough for both of us, and is very comfortable.  There’s a fireplace for heat, and a desk next to the dresser.  It’s right next to this really nice bathroom with a big tub with heated water.  The bad part is the bathroom is shared on that side of the house.  I keep getting interrupted while trying to fix my hair in the morning.

  • Anyway, yesterday we went came back to Tranquillien.  We decided to eat at the inn.  I sent Im to get the room while I went to get Arancon.  He complained that it’s getting too cold to stay in the house while it’s still being worked on, so we wound up getting him a room too.  I’ll probably have to pay for it until we finish the house.  Hopefully, it won’t take too long.  He started complaining about the fact I wasn’t there the day before to work on the house, but I ran on ahead to the inn and let him catch up on his own.

  • He talked too much during dinner.  Actually, I don’t think he ate, but he had four or five drinks.  Not eating actually isn’t a bad idea.  I had a soup, and I think it made me sick.  I do feel a bit ill today.  Anyway, I wasn’t counting his drinks.  I told him I wasn’t paying for them, then he charged them to the room, which means I’m paying for them anyway.  I really don’t want to pay for his drinking.  Especially if he’s going to keep treating me like he does.  He asked Im how much he was paying me, then asked how much I was paying Im, then he went on about some of my exes and things I used to do.  I was so glad when he asked for help upstairs.  Then on the way up, he implied that Im is paying me again.

  • My ears were burning by the end of the night.  Not only did Im hear everything, but other people eating at the inn heard too.  I just want to get out of here before anything else happens.

  • Im started asking about the girls I’d been with before.  I thought he knew.  I thought he’d actually been with girls before too, but now I find out that he wasn’t serious with them.  I wanted to talk with him more about it, both to explain, and to figure out exactly how much he couldn’t relate to my explanation.  Am I the first person he’s loved or is he not really that serious with me either?

  • I didn’t have time.  We were joined by another person at the table.  His name is Tylenthis, and he was in Kalimdor too.  Now he’s here looking for work and knows one of Sanimir’s sisters or something.  Anyway, he’s hoping for work at the school.  I plan to ask Sanimir tonight for Tylenthis, if I see him.  A lot of times, I don’t.  I might in the morning if I don’t see him tonight.

  • After Tylenthis left, Imralion and I went up to our room.  The bed at the inn was awful, but there was a small desk in the room.  I had to finish my lesson plan for Maerista.  I didn’t have a lot of work to do, but I do like having an outline to go by.  It only took twenty minutes, but Im was out by the time I finished.  This morning he was awake before me, and ready to go work on the house when I had barely gotten out of bed.  Maybe we’ll be able to talk after Mae’s lesson this evening.


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