Aeramin’s Notes

  • Imralion still hasn’t arrived.  I’ve been waiting.  I think I might be creeping out the dragonhawk handler, as I’m always watching over his way.  Oh well.  I don’t want to miss Im.

  • My father has noticed.  I really wish he wouldn’t shake the ladder I’m standing on when I’m not paying attention.

  • Or throw things at me.  He’s really good at that.  I think he’s been practicing.  His aim is getting better.

  • I’ve stayed at the inn the past couple of nights because I don’t want to miss Im.  I can’t stay at the inn for long as I’d rather save the money for things I need for the house, but it’s actually full with people on their way back from Kalimdor.  There’s no way I’m taking the chance of losing the room, and either having to make the long trip to Hethurin’s estate or stay with my father.  Having a decent place to stay with Im is worth the extra gold.  Not missing him when he arrives is worth the extra gold.  I’m keeping the room here until he’s back.

  • We are invited to the estate though.  Maybe I can convince Im to stay there instead of helping me with my father’s house.  I really don’t want to introduce them to each other.  My father has a way with words that drives people away, and that’s the last thing Im needs right now after spending the past weeks in Kalimdor.

  • Of course, if he arrives while I’m still working on my father’s house during the day, then my father will notice.  They’re probably going to meet whether I like it or not.  I kind of do need help, anyway.  I have no idea what I’m doing.  My father’s no help.  He just wants to yell at me for not knowing what I’m doing.  Maybe Im will know better than me.

  • …If he ever makes it back.  He said he might have to stay a bit longer for clean up, but it’s been days now.  Maybe something happened and no one’s bothered to inform me yet.  There were goblins and bombs there.  What if one exploded?  What if they found more orcs?  What if one of those machines ran over him too?

  • Or he might have found someone else now that he’s not busy fighting.  What if he just decided not to come back and didn’t bother telling me?

  • Then I’m staying in this awful inn for nothing.  The food is disgusting here too.  I made lunch at my father’s house.  It was good.  Arancon didn’t deserve it after the insults he was throwing around today. The inn’s food is nasty though.  Maybe I should save some for him in case he’s like that again tomorrow.

  • I keep trying to occupy my mind with other things, rather than worry about Im.  During the day it’s a bit easier because I have the work on the house to do.  At night, I try to work on plans for Maerista’s lessons, or work on the new sign I’ll be putting up in the library in Shattrath for my calligraphy services.  I won’t need to do it as much anymore because of the job at the school, but it will be nice supplemental income.  Since I’ll only be teaching once a week, I’ll have plenty of time to take a few jobs with that.

  • I don’t know what’s next with Im though, if he comes back.  Will he be able to stay in Shattrath now?  His training must be considered to be over.  He probably didn’t train to be a blood knight just so that he could sit around and watch me write pretty things on cards and cook for him.  Though, honestly, if that’s all he wants to do for a few weeks after we get back to Shattrath, then that’s fine with me.  I’ll just be glad to have him home.

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