Hethurin’s Purchase

Hethurin Fairsong walked around the stalls at the bazaar in Silvermoon.  Earlier, he had experienced another vision of another timeline with Renner, another present.  This one had him still in Shattrath, baking a cake.  It was easy to explain, even without going back along the timeline.  He hadn’t left.  He never came to the Ghostlands.  He never started his school.  He was still watching Rylad, so he hadn’t been sent to Kalimdor.  The cake was for Aeramin’s birthday.

In the vision, the cake was a disaster.  Hethurin couldn’t remember the last time he tried to bake something.  Cakes were best made by other people.  His was uneven, and the frosting had stuck and pulled apart some of the cake.  Hethurin smiled to himself as he remembered how Renner mentioned he’d still eat it.  It was likely that Aeramin didn’t mind eating it either, though they didn’t stay long enough to find out.  They couldn’t spend all day in the vision.  There were many other things to do yet today.

Tik and Terellion had just finished bringing the tables and chairs in from outside, when Hethurin’s lesson with Renner ended.  Hethurin had to go to Silvermoon to see Nessna, and today, Terellion needed to go for supplies.  He had considered asking Terellion to make a cake for Aeramin, but quickly decided against it.  However, if he didn’t do anything, it was likely no one else would remember.  Aeramin was in town during the day, working on his father’s house to get it ready for winter, but Hethurin doubted that Arancon would remember his son’s birthday, and if he did, he wouldn’t do anything for it.  His mother was already gone, and the only other person who might know about it was Isandri, but she had a lot on her mind with Theronil still being in Kalimdor.  It was up to Hethurin to make sure his birthday didn’t pass unnoticed.

He found what he was looking for just then.  A stall with baked goods was just across the path.  The cakes, muffins, and cookies all looked so tempting, but he forced himself to concentrate.  He was here for one thing, though he wanted to buy it all.  He looked over the baked goods, trying to find something appropriate for an ex’s birthday.  Then he saw it.  A cupcake with colorful sprinkles.  He asked the owner of the baking stall if they could put a ‘118’ on it, and waited as the baker wrote the numbers on the cupcake.  He asked for a small box for it.

After arriving home, he teleported to the guest room where Aeramin was staying at night.  He put a candle in the cupcake, leaving it in the opened box and left a note beside it.

I probably won’t be here when you get this because I have to go back to Silvermoon to visit my sister, but I wanted to say happy birthday!  I know you know how to light candles so I left a candle for you to make a wish and blow out.  I’m glad we can be friends again, and I hope you have a good 118th birthday!

He smiled as he teleported out of the room to continue with his list of things to do today.


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