Alternate Realities 1

Hethurin Fairsong closed his eyes and started casting the spell.

“No.  Keep your eyes open.  You won’t see anything with them closed.”

Hethurin stopped casting and opened them.  It was mostly dark anyway.  Renner had taken care to cover the windows so that no light could come in.  The only light was from a magical orb that Hethurin himself had conjured, and the hourglass on the table, which glowed with an eerie bronze light.  Renner claimed it was tuned to Hethurin specifically, and they had used the sand he had from the Bronze Dragonshrine in it’s creation.  “It’s not going to do that thing it does with the fading out and back in?”

“No, we’ll be placed within the vision.  It’s dark enough in here that it will just appear around us.  Remember, you won’t be able to interact with anyone.  It is just a vision of an alternate present.”

“You’re going with me?”

Renner nodded in the low light.  “I’ll be there.”

Hethurin took a deep breath and started casting the spell again, this time keeping his eyes open.  The room shimmered as the vision appeared around them.  It looked like they were in the Dalaran sewers, though they hadn’t actually gone anywhere.  They were still in the practice room at home.  Hethurin was impressed with the clarity of the vision.  It wasn’t just the vision either.  Sounds, and even smell had come with it.  He scrunched up his nose as he looked around.  It was quiet.  The dripping of water was one of the few things he heard.  Bones were strewn about on the ground around a pool of filthy water.  He looked to Renner.  “Why are we here?”

“The hourglass is tuned to you.  Given that we’re in Dalaran in this present…”  Renner eyed the bones on the ground.

“You think I died?” Hethurin gasped, looking at the bones.  “I wasn’t even given a proper burial!”

“At this point in time, I don’t think the Kirin Tor cares much about giving a proper burial.  I could be wrong.  Perhaps in this timeline you were curious, and went for a walk in the sewers. You met a crocolisk, and no one ever discovered you.  Perhaps, in this timeline, the sin’dorei are still allowed in the city.”

“Can we find out what happened?”

Renner looked at the bones.  “Are you sure you want to know?”

Hethurin frowned slightly and nodded, “I’ll be okay.  It’s something that could have happened, but didn’t.”

“We can go back along this timeline.  You know the spell, simply adjust it to this timeway.”

Hethurin nodded again and started casting the spell.  The scene in the room suddenly changed.  Arcane prisons were lined up in rows.  A few human guards stood watch over each row.

“I was captured.  This is what happened if I didn’t go to the farm.”

“It’s one of the things that could have happened.  There’s never just one possibility.”

Hethurin neared the closest prison, frowning as he looked inside.  He glanced up at Renner, “They aren’t feeding me, are they?”  He looked in again.  The captured elf lay curled on the floor of the prison, his shallow breathing the only movement.  He barely resembled Hethurin at all, and instead looked more like the skeleton they had seen earlier.  “I died in there.  They dumped my body in the sewer.”

Renner nodded, “That sounds likely.”

Hethurin cast another spell, taking them back a little further.

“The day of the purge?”  Renner raised a brow.

Hethurin nodded.  They were in a stairwell, watching his alternate self go down the last flight of stairs to ground level.  His alternate self paused at the door after opening it.  Shouts were heard from outside.  They watched as the alternate Hethurin closed the door quickly, and started to cast a teleport spell.  He stopped mid-cast, and looked up the stairs.  There was pounding on the door, as the elf took off up the stairs.

“He’s going back for something.”  Hethurin said as the door broke down.  A human mage ran up first, casting a spell after turning on the first landing.  Hethurin recognized the spell.  “He was just silenced.”  

Hethurin followed the humans up the stairs.  The door to the apartment he had shared with Aeramin was locked.  The humans were trying to break it down.  Hethurin cast another spell and the vision changed to inside the apartment.  There, his alternate self was writing to explain what was happening.  Aeramin was there.

“He’s supposed to be in Shattrath.”

“Not in this timeline.”

They continued watching as Aeramin questioned why.  Why were the humans attacking all the elves?  As the door hinges started to break, Aeramin gave up on understanding why.  “Take Muffins.  Hide in the bedroom.  I’ll take care of this.”  He started drawing a circle on the floor, as his alternate self ran to the other room with his cat.

“No.”  Hethurin shook his head, “No, they’ll kill him if he…”  Of course, Aeramin couldn’t hear him.  He trailed off as Aeramin began to summon.

The door fell to the side of the doorway just as a large voidlord appeared above the circle.  Aeramin commanded it to attack as he conjured fire and sent it towards the doorway.  The mage, who was mid-cast on another silencing spell, screamed as the fire hit and lit his beard on fire.  The voidlord attacked one of the others, picking him up and tossing him like a rag doll into a third human.  

It was one of the humans still outside the door who threw the knife.  It hit Aeramin in the chest just as another fireball flew across the room.  The orange-haired elf staggered as he looked down.  He fell to his knees as the voidlord tossed another human, this one went tumbling down the stairs.  The voidlord paused as Aeramin fell forward and lay still on the floor, then disappeared with his regained freedom.

One of the two humans left in the apartment went to the bedroom door and opened it.  He shouted to the other, who ran in to join him.  A minute later they both dragged out a crying alternate elf, who started screaming when he saw Aeramin’s lifeless body.  The humans continued pulling him along, out the door and down the stairs.

“I think I’ve seen enough of this one.”  Hethurin frowned as he cast the spell to end the vision.


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