Tik’s Morning

Tik readied some hot water in a teapot, and took down a cup and saucer from the cupboard.  He placed it on the tray.  He took one of the plain white cards that sat in their place in the kitchen, and folded it in half.  He wrote, not terribly fancy, but as well as he could, ‘Magister Hethurin Fairsong’ on it, and placed it on the tray upright.  He took one flower from the arrangement that had sat on the table the day before.  He could take care of refreshing the arrangement later.  He placed the flower on the tray, and walked towards the dining room stairs while carrying the tray.  Those were the stairs closest to the magister’s room.

He made his way up them, turning right at the top and taking the short hallway there to the magister’s room.  He held the tray in one hand, and unlocked the door to open it with the other.  He entered the room.

The magister’s bed curtains were drawn, as usual when he slept.  Tik placed the tray on the small table in the room, and stopped by the crib.  The baby within it slept peacefully.  Tik smiled, and went to the fireplace.  It was a cold morning.  It would be best to warm the air in the room before the magister woke.  He’d have to remember to bring more wood up later in the day.  It would be best to replenish the supply in the cellar before winter as well.

As he knelt to start the fire, he heard a muffled groan from the curtained bed.

“Is it morning already?”

Tik glanced at the bed, but looked back to the fireplace as he replied, “It’s still very early, Magister.  Rylad is still asleep.  You may be able to sleep a while longer if you wish.”  The fire took, and slowly started to grow.  He turned back around, turning his attention to the armoire where many of the magister’s robes were kept.  He walked to it, and opened it.  “Do you have any preference for what you’ll wear today, Magister?”

Hethurin peeked out between the curtains.  “Maybe the green robe.”  He paused as he watched Tik take the robe out of the armoire.  “Tik?”

“Yes, Magister?”  Tik replied as he took the robe to the bench at the foot of the bed.  He hung the robe on a hook, and left the hood, belt and gloves neatly on the bench.  He walked back around to the side as the magister asked his question.

“Could you bring up an extra teacup?”

“Of course.”

“Thanks.  Do we have anything for headaches?”

“I believe we still do.  Are you sick, Magister?”

“No.  I had a gross drink at the faire.  It was too strong.  I didn’t do anything stupid last night, did I?”

Tik raised a brow slightly.  “No, but you did go to bed a bit earlier than usual.”

“Oh, okay.  I had a dream then.”

Tik nodded, “I’ll go get your extra teacup now, and bring something up for your headache.”  He walked out of the room, and hurried down the stairs.  He placed another teacup and saucer on another tray, and measured out the elixir that should help the magister’s headache into a small cup.  He hurried back up the stairs with the tray, almost running into Terellion as he went around the corner at the top.

“Excuse me.” he nodded as he walked around Terellion.  “I must get these things to the magister’s room before starting breakfast.”  The younger worker said nothing as Tik continued on to the magister’s door.  Tik knocked this time before entering.

“Come in.”

Tik entered the room.  It had warmed a little from the fire, and the magister was already out of bed and dressed.  He put the extra teacup next to the other on the first tray, and handed the cup with the headache elixir to the magister.

“Thank you, Tik.  What’s for breakfast this morning?”

“I was planning to make eggs and toast.  Did you wish to request something else, Magister?”

“No, that sounds good.  I was just wondering.  That will be all.”  The magister sat at the table with the tea.

Tik nodded.  “Let me know if you need anything else, Magister.”  He took the empty cup and second tray as he left the room.

He began to make his way back to the kitchen, almost running into Terellion again.  This time it was Terellion who was coming up the stairs.  “Excuse me, again.” he said, noting that Terellion carried a tray with two pieces of cake from the evening before.  One was larger than the other.  He started down the stairs as Terellion continued down the hall.  He paused and stepped back up, peeking around the corner just in time to see Terellion go into the magister’s room.  He raised a brow, pausing only a moment to figure out who the extra teacup was for, then continued on to the kitchen to make breakfast.


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